Cyriel Edrian Perez (Part 1)

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"Sir Cyriel, your parents are outside," sabi sa akin ng secretary ko. Napatayo ako mula sa swivel chair ko. Hindi naman kasi bumibisita ang parents ko sa akin. Since Ynna died, things changed. Well, for the worse. Hindi ako kinakausap ng parents ko tapos puro trabaho ako kasi kailangan kong iredeem ang pangalan ko. I've wasted enough years, sabi nga nila. Seven years with Ynna was hell for them, but I believe other wise. I intend to believe that the moments i got to spend with her are worth treasuring.

I motioned her para papasukin ang parents ko. I stood up as a sign of respect.

"Cyriel," my mom said pagpasok na pagpasok niya sa opisina ko.

Lumapit ako sa kanya and kissed her cheek as a sign of recognition and I shook my father's hand as well.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" I asked them with a smile. We've been like this for a while. Too much respect sucks. We're supposed to be a family but I guess everything change.

My father motioned for us to sit down. We did as he ask. He's still the Alpha Male in the Perez family, after all.

"Let me ask you one thing, son," my father asked in a no nonsense tone.

I looked at him in a no nonsense way as well. I'm the current head of the engineering department. I've had my share of power in this company. Through time, I've had learned how to show authority without even opening my mouth.

"You're turning 28 in a month. Clarence already has Clarise. How about you? Don't you have plans to settle down?"

I mentally shook my head. This topic again?

I took a deep breath and straightened my back, "I would settle down once I met someone worth settling for."

Mom gave out a heavy sigh upon hearing my answer. Seems like she's staring to doubt if I am still the same Cyriel she raised.

She stood up and so my Dad followed, "you would never see me anytime soon if you don't get married, Cyriel Edrian!"

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