Nathan Sykes Imagine

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Another amazing imagine written by @abipenn on Twitter :)

#imagine *Briiy don't go to fast baby! You yelled at the little girl with adorable big green eyes and her brown pigtails going everywhere. She giggled "catch me mommy!!" She yelled and you caught up to her and she smiled so big and giggled like crazy. You smiled too and kissed her cheek* "Y/N get up now." You were getting shook. You opened you eyes and say your boyfriend Matt shaking you. 'It was just a dream?' You thought sadly to yourself, you sighed and got up. You went into the kitchen to cook some breakfast. You felt a little body hug your leg. You looked down and smiled At your beautiful little girl Briiy. Yes you have a daughter she's only 4 but she can talk very well and is very smart. No you didn't want to have a kid before you were married but your boyfriend decided it was okay to make the decision himself. He didn't want a kid either. So what's the confusion about? Well you weren't giving him his "sexy time" so he decided it would be okay to rape you. He doesn't just rape he abuses you too. Not your daughter though, thank god. "Hi baby" you said picking her up and kissing her cheek. She smiled and you put her down. 'I need to get out of here' you said to yourself. You were literally scared. Not of just your life but your daughter who meant everything to you. "Ugh" you heard a gruff voice say. You knew who it was. And it was Matt. "Hi daddy!!" You heard Briiy's little voice yell, reaching up to give him a Hug. "Hey" he said ignoring her hug and coming up getting himself some coffee. You finished making the breakfast and put it at the table. It was quiet like every morning. "So I won't be home until late at night so when you make dinner just keep it in the microwave" Matt said taking a sip of his Drink. 'Thank God's you said to yourself. "Okay" you said softly, Matt nodded and got up and was getting his stuff for work. Matt's not only 17 but he works with his dad at his business. He kisses your cheek and leaves. You look at your breakfast then at Briiy who was happily coloring. You smiled and went to get dressed.


You were at you're best friends house Becka. "So how's everything going?" she asked drinking some water. "Okay. Just been really tired lately and Matt's working late so it's hard." You answer looking at Briiy and Becka's kids playing. "Yea I know how You feel but it'll be okay" she smiled and you smiled back.

*later that night*

You were watching TV when Matt came through the door. "Hi" you said getting up to warm his food. "Hey babe" he said taking his coat off and sitting down. You warm his food up and give it to him. "How was your day?" You ask sitting down next to him "okay I guess it I'm just really sore" he said paying attention to the TV.


You were laying down in your bed reading your book when Matt came in the room "that dinner was kind of bad" he said changing clothes. "Sorry I thought it would be okay" you said "You need to start making better food. I mean isn't that what women are made for?" He smirked, you glared at him getting annoyed. "Well maybe next time I'll fix you a 5-star restaurant meal" you said closing your book. "Hey don't be acting like a bitch to me" he said Getting louder than needed. "I'm not the one complaining about what he eats!" You said getting loud too. "Oh shut up Y/N and go fuck yourself!" He said getting close to you. You glared at him not saying a word. "Don't you dare speak to me like that you hear me?! I am your girlfriend And the mother of your chi-" you got cut off by a slap. Yup he just slapped you. You gasped and looked at him and he slapped you again this time making sure you fell hard on the floor. You were shocked because you couldn't move. 'Damnit Y/N this is your fault' you blamed yourself. "Don't talk to me like that again. I am the man of the house and you don't argue with me got it?" He asked meanly in your ear. You nodded and got up.

*next day*

You looked in the mirror and saw a cut on your cheek you lightly touched it and it stung so bad. You were planning on taking Briiy to visit her grandma today but you didn't want the cut to be noticeable. "I'm leaving Y/N!" Matt yelled from the living room. You went in there "okay" you said softly and he left. You made sure he was gone before you grabbed the phone. "Hey babe" you hears Matt's voice making you jump He appeared at the door, he looked at the phone in your hand "who are you calling?" He asked with that sickly curiosity in his voice. "Just calling your mom to see if she'll take Briiy for the day" you said hoping he'd buy it. He nodded and left. You sighed and called his mom asking to take care Of Briiy which she agreed.