Chapter 1

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"If you are carrying anything that could be used as a weapon, please declare it now." The guard told me as I tried to look as innocent as possible. Of course I wouldn't be stupid enough to carry a weapon into a prison but I still felt the need to not appear suspicious.

Once I'd put both myself and my bag through the metal detector, I was led through to a room where I'd see him, along with the other visitors beside me also sitting at their designated seats. My breath caught in my throat as he came through the doors opposite with metal cuffs binding his wrists together in front of him.

I sat down slowly once he had taken his seat and studied him for the first time in three years. He appeared as much a different man as he was the same.

Now clearly stronger from the visible muscles in his arms and less tanned from presumably being indoors most of the time. Those familiar blue eyes stared right back at me as he took in details of my face just as I did on his.

Gosh, he was still as attractive to me as he had been the day we met, and that wasn't something I'd expected so it threw me off slightly.

He ran a hand through his light brown hair in an act I knew well, he wasn't comfortable at all despite the confident air that always surrounded him. The cuffs weren't helping either. A full grown beard framed his sharp jaw and strangely suited him, but he would always rock stubble better, I thought to myself.

"So, what do you want?" I asked levelly once I picked up the phone and held it against my ear, allowing us to speak.

"Don't I even get a hi?" He asked in that deep voice that I'd always loved as he leant forward on the table his elbows rested on once he awkwardly held the phone to his own ear.

The attempt to intimidate me was clear, we were unsurprisingly not on good terms but I had to give him the illusion that I was unperturbed despite wishing to be anywhere on this planet than here. Staring at my ex and wondering how the hell we'd ended up like this.

"Don't waste my time Cole, why have you dragged me down here?"

"This is the first time you've visited me you know? I just thought that we might exchange pleasantries first." He replied with a hard gaze that hadn't left my face since the moment he laid eyes on me. A humourless smile played on his lips to get under my skin just that little bit more.

"Alright then. You're so pale you might as well be dead and orange makes you look sick." I said.

Cole chuckled low, but annoyance sparked in his gaze, "I've seen you naked Gabby, don't act like we're strangers."

"Just get to the point before I leave and never come back." I told him, irritated that I'd let my unease leak into my voice by snapping at him.

"I want to see my son." He finally told me in a firm voice behind the clear bulletproof glass separating us, dropping his attempts to make me feel even more uncomfortable.


I'd feared hearing those words and they had finally come.

I should've just continued ignoring his insistent calls and letters that I come and see him in this place. He'd kept this up for years now and wouldn't give up just yet so I'd come, and was now regretting it because there was no going back now. I could no longer just assume that this was what he wanted now that I knew for sure.

"You should've thought about that before landing yourself in here for the first three years of his life." I retorted, watching with slight satisfaction as Cole scowled, looking like he wanted to strangle me as his fist clenched around the phone held up to his ear.

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