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Chapter One

Lily's POV

I looked into the bathroom mirror and scrutinised myself. The girl in the mirror had fiery red hair that fell to her waist. She had beautiful green eyes and her eyelashes were long and curly, each individually defined against her pale, freckly skin.

I lifted my hand to my hair and ran through the soft strands; the girl in the mirror did the same. I smiled at her and she smiled back, her emerald eyes sparkling as they caught the light. My name is Lily Potter, the famous Harry Potter's only daughter.

"Lily!" Someone was hammering on the bathroom door, "Can you just get out of there, what are you even doing? We have to leave in 10 minutes and you haven't even had breakfast. Mums going crazy!"

"Albus calm down, just tell her I'm busy, I'll get something on the train!" I replied whilst rubbing at a spot on the corner of my chin.

"Well you still need to get out of there, I need to get in there," Albus replied, not at all calm.

"And since when have I cared about your toilet problems?" I said pushing his temper. I could practically feel him fuming. I smiled in the mirror mischievously and then turned around.

I flung the door open "kidding, have the-" and almost got hit in the face with my brothers knuckle. "Excuse me! Why you are trying to hit me?"

"Well I was actually just going to knock on the door but you kind of got in the way" he replied matching my sarcastic tone and shuffled round me to get into the bathroom.

"Knock" I scoffed, "more like hammer down the door."

"Kids" James, my eldest brother came down the stairs shaking his head trying to look disapproving but failing epically "no need to fight, it's only a bathroom" he said ruffling my hair.

"James! You just ruined it..." I squealed and practically ran up the stairs. Well I say ran, I more like hobbled considering the heels I was wearing. Let's just say I wasn't used to wearing these sorts of shoes, but I had saw them in the shop in France and I just fell in love with them.

"Why? Are you trying to impress someone? Maybe a certain Scamander brother?" He yelled at my retreating back.

"Go away James!" I yelled back. "You're so annoying!"

Lorcan Scamander was my boyfriend. We had started dating at the beginning of fourth year so that would make it almost a year. He was sweet, gorgeous and intelligent. The perfect guy-next-door type. He had blond hair like his mother, Luna. My godmother and my middle name.

His older brother, Lysander on the other hand was quite the opposite. Dark and mysterious. He obviously got his dark hair from his father Rolf. He was in the same year as Albus, just going into seventh year.

And, well the problem was both brothers seemed to want my attention. The last time I had seen either of them was the family holiday to France at the start of the holidays and they came along. It was really weird having both of them always there.