Most of the characters and some storylines are not mine. They belong to the wonderful J.K.ROWLING, one of the greatest writers of this generation. Her books will stay in our hearts forever.

All the rest I can actually take credit for (well apart from the video on the side, I just found that and thought it was pretty good for the story.)

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Chapter One

Lily's POV

I looked into the bathroom mirror and stared at myself. The girl in the mirror had fiery auburn hair that fell to her waist. She had beautiful green eyes and her eyelashes were long and curly, each individually defined against her pale, freckly skin.

I lifted my hand to my hair and ran it through the soft strands; the girl in the mirror did the same. I smiled at her and she smiled back, her emerald eyes sparkling as they caught the light. My name is Lily Luna Potter, the famous Harry Potter's only daughter.

"Lily!" Someone was hammering on the bathroom door, "Can you hurry up and get out of there, what are you even doing? We have to leave in 10 minutes and you haven't even had breakfast. Mums going crazy!"

"Albus calm down, I just need to kill this spot..." I replied furiously trying to pop a pimple. Bad habit, I know.

"Are you serious!? I need to go to the toilet!" Albus yelled back.

I rolled my eyes, trust him to be so dramatic, no wonder he's in Slytherin. "And when have I cared about your toilet problems? There's two toilets in this house you know!" I said pushing his temper. I could imagine him getting more annoyed by the second. I smiled in the mirror mischievously and then turned around - it's probably not good to annoy your brother too much before you have to share an 8 hour train ride. 

I flung the door open "kidding, you can have the-" and almost got hit in the face with his knuckle. "Erm why you were trying to hit me?"

"Well I was actually just going to knock on the door again but your big head kind of got in the way," he replied matching my sarcastic tone.

 "Knock" I scoffed, "more like hammer down the door."  

He budged past me to get into the bathroom. " Why do you look so dressed up anyway, we're only going back to school. Who you trying to impress?"

"Guys," James my eldest brother came down the stairs shaking his head trying to look disapproving but failing. He had a sly amused smile on his face. "There's no need to fight, it's only a bathroom." He ruffled my hair playfully.

"James! You just messed up my hair! It looked nice for once!" I groaned and ran up the stairs back to my room. Well I say ran, more like hobbled because of my amazing lovely shoes I was wearing. Let's just say I wasn't used to wearing shoes so high  and probably shouldn't have been wearing them indoors anyway (don't tell my mother.) But I had seen them in a shop in the South of France and I just fell in love. They were beautiful white wedges and I just knew I had to show Roxy as soon as possible. Why I ever thought wearing them on a train would be a good idea I'll never know - but I must admit they made my legs look longer and looked pretty nice with my summer dress.  Aunt Hermione said that you should always dress to impress, you never know who you might meet.

"Why? Are you trying to impress someone? " He yelled at my retreating back.

"Oh Merlin! Why does everyone think I'm trying to impress a someone? I've already got a boyfriend. Maybe I just want to look nice so that people think I'm not related to you two animals" I joked, but that shut him up anyway.

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