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Andrea lay on her back, breathing steady as she slowly came to consciousness. She could hear soft jazz music playing as well as the sound a heart monitor beeping noisily. Her eyes blinked open slowly and, once they had fully opened, she took to studying the sterile white room she was in. She turned her head to see both Steve and Sam flanking the sides of her bed and she closed her eyes once more, relaxing with a smile adorning her lips.

"On your right." She whispered before she fell unconscious once more.


After the doctors were informed of Andy's first sign of life, the two men were sent out to the waiting room where Sam left and Steve stayed. His hands were folded in his lap and he stared down blankly at the floor, right leg bouncing in anxiousness. Natasha Romanoff watched from afar, a small smile on her face. She studied him for a few more moments before finally walking towards the super solider. Her footsteps caused Steve to look up and he shot the red head a meek smile.

"Doctors say her brain activity has risen and that she's only sleeping. She can be released within the next week." Natasha said quietly, only getting a small nod in reply from the blond man in front of her. His actions caused her to sigh in defeat as she sat down in the chair beside him, figuring that it was gonna take a lot more to cheer the man up.

So, she merely sat and waited, as everyone else had been for the last three weeks.


After the doctors had left Andy's room, a dark figure stepped in. His eyes were narrowed on the brunettes face as he analyzed her sleeping expression before stepping forwards. As he headed towards the bed, his hands twitched in anticipation before he slowly reached into his jacket pocket, grabbing onto his desired object.

His gaze never left the girls facd as he pulled out the syringe filled with a bright sapphire substance. He grabbed her arm, tensing up as she made a small movement in the midst of her sleep. But, the girl eased back into her peaceful state, causing the man to sigh in relief. Her peace wouldn't last for much longer, though.

With a deep breath the man quickly jabbed the needle into the girl, pushing on the pump and letting the substance enter Andrea's bloodstream. He pulled the needle back out once the needle was drained, covering the sharp tip with a cap before sticking it back in his pocket. He stood there for a few more moments afterwards. Watching, waiting.

Then, with a gasp, Andrea rose, eyes shining a vibrant, unhuman blue.

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