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Pen Your Pride

Majorly Confused

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Connors POV

My name is Conner Trent, I’m 18 years old and currently in my last year of high school. I have a pretty good life, nice parents, cool older brother, good grades, cool friends, good looks, several hot girlfriends.....but that’s only on the outside, that’s what everyone sees when they look at me. However there is an undercurrent to my life.

I am adopted. So is Kyle. Our parents couldn’t have kids so they went to a group home and found two kids they couldn’t seem to choose between. Myself and Kyle. Duh. Anyway, my dad is the corporate chief of some big company and my mom is his accountant, so they travel a lot. When we were growing up Kyle and I were left in the hands of nannies and babysitters that we tortured relentlessly but we didn’t really mind because we loved our parents and when they were around they literally adored us. Unfortunately for our parents they had to pick the only two kids in the system that happened to be freaks of nature. What are we? Who knows? Werewolves, Shifters, Soul Shifters, Skin Changers...Humans over the centuries have come up with hundreds, if not thousands; of different names for the creatures that they don’t even realise do actually exist. However, myself and Kyle just call ourselves Wolves...that’s it, nothing more, nothing less, just wolves.

To be honest I don’t really know how people haven’t realised Kyle and I aren’t brothers. I mean our ages are a big damn clue. We’re both 18, in the same year and class at school. So our parents must have been doing it like bunnies to get two kids so close in age but not twins.....also physically speaking were polar opposites. He’s pretty huge, like 6”2, sandy blond hair and dark black eyes. He’s got a nice natural tan and a damn six pack that I swear on my life is turning into an eight other words he’s every girl’s ideal man. Plus he’s a major athlete and not too dumb either....

I on the other hand....well, I’m 5”10 pitch black hair and dark metallic blue eyes, and I’m nicely toned but not overly muscled. I usually were glasses but sometimes I wear contacts, mainly when I’m playing sports, I’m pale and I’m built on the slim side..... Between myself and Kyle, I’m the brain and he’s the brawn but in all seriousness were both pretty athletic and both extremely smart, benefits of us being wolves I’m sure, we usually have to be careful around humans just in case we hurt them accidently. In our school we have a grading score that everyone goes by. Kyle and I are always fighting for 1st place. Same goes for football, rugby, baseball and tennis. We’re always challenging each other.......I guess that’s where all the sexual tension comes from but in the end he gets first place in sports and I get first place in academics.....its a thing.

As wolves we’re pretty much the same, Kyle’s a sandy coloured wolf with black, gold speckled eyes and long limbs. I’m midnight black with dark blue, gold speckled eyes and short limbs. Kyle doesn’t tower over me when we’re wolves but he can still be pretty intimidating since he has more muscle than I do. We look like the normal everyday wolves that you might see in the wild. The only difference is that we can change shape and we’re naturally at least 10 times stronger and faster than any ordinary wolf in existence.

The group home we lived in when we were younger was very close to the forest and so both myself and Kyle have come to the conclusion that maybe the packs or pack we belonged to either didn’t want us anymore or it moved and we were left behind....well we had many different I guess they’re not really conclusions.....more like theories. We used to tell them to each other as bedtime stories. Sometimes they had happy endings, sometimes they didn’t......


I rolled over onto my face and considered suffocating myself.......but then thought better of it...I liked oxygen...

About two minutes later I felt Kyle move into my room silently but I didn’t move in time and soon enough I found myself actually being suffocated by my pillow....just not by my own consent.....

Just as I was about to buck my body upwards hoping to bust his nose or something I felt warm breath on the back of my neck and then a warm but wet tongue

“Kyle what the hell are you doing now?”

My voice was politely calm as I turned my head to avoid eating duck feathers

“Waking you up”

His voice sent shivers down my spine but I controlled them, just like always

“I’m awake...”

My controlled voice faded off as his tongue continued to lick the base of my neck, suddenly it dipped lower and started tracing my muscles and shoulder blades. I wasn’t restrained anymore but I didn’t struggle, I never did. That’s what he wanted me to do. Kyle thought that the more I struggled the more I wanted it and he would get even braver and venture to places I used only for my girlfriends.

I controlled another shiver of pleasure that rolled throughout my body and made sure that the rest of my anatomy did nothing that would cause him to think he had a chance. I didn’t tense and by making sure I didn’t tense and not concentrating on what he was doing with that lust stricken tongue of his I could actually make sure I didn’t get a hard had taken years to achieve this sort of control over my natural instincts.

See this is the story. When we were 9 years old there was an old factory that we used to play in when we got bored. One day on one of our many adventures we heard noises and voices. Since the factory was derelict and had been abandoned for years we knew it wasn’t workers. At first we were just going to run away and go back the next day but then we heard all this groaning and with our intense hearing we knew it was at least two guys. We got curious and decided to follow the noises. We came to a small room that had a small lamp and some blankets that we had seen before but hadn’t taken any notice of. This time however we couldn’t take our eyes of them...why? Because there was two very naked young boys (barely 16) rolling around on them doing things with their mouths and hands we hadn’t thought possible. Next thing we know one guy had the other on his knees and then BAM in he went! I remember paling at the thought that someone could put his thingy in that hole but when I turned to Kyle to share a panic stricken look with him I saw something impossible. Kyle was watching them with rapt attention as though entranced and he was pushing down hard on his own thingy were he had become excited.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I turned and ran silently to the furthest end of the factory and then out into the dense forest. I didn’t understand a thing I had just seen but Kyle looked like he understood. I heard noises behind me and when I turned I saw Kyle hurtling towards me, he didn’t stop in time and we both crashed onto the soft leafy forest floor. I laughed and tried to push him off but them Kyle groaned every time i pushed against him. I thought I was hurting him so I pulled his head up and was about to ask him what was wrong when I saw his eyes. They had turned a golden brown and were glowing brightly. I was scared; normally when our eyes changed it meant we were really angry....why was Kyle angry at me? Because I ran? Then suddenly his lips settled on mine and it was the worst kiss of my life. It was all soggy and we bumped teeth more than once, and he bit my lip but it still made me feel all warm inside. That’s when I noticed that my thingy wanted attention too. Kyle’s mouth was still devouring mine when our too little hard on's bumped each other. We both cried out and I started shaking. What the hell was happening?!

That was when we heard the factory gates open and a police car turned into the car park. Obviously someone had let the police know that kids had been playing around in there and they had gone to fix things up but from my 9 year perspective I had thought the police were going to take the two other boys to the police station and then send them to hell for what they were doing. I immediately pushed Kyle of me and pointed to the police car.

“No! Its bad, look those two boys are going to get into trouble for what they were doing! I’m not going to do it too! I’m a good boy”

Then I ran of into the forest leaving my best friend and adopted brother sitting there with a shocked, hurt look on his face.


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