Majorly Confused

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Connors POV

My name is Conner Trent, I’m 18 years old and currently in my last year of high school. I have a pretty good life, nice parents, cool older brother, good grades, cool friends, good looks, several hot girlfriends.....but that’s only on the outside, that’s what everyone sees when they look at me. However there is an undercurrent to my life.

I am adopted. So is Kyle. Our parents couldn’t have kids so they went to a group home and found two kids they couldn’t seem to choose between. Myself and Kyle. Duh. Anyway, my dad is the corporate chief of some big company and my mom is his accountant, so they travel a lot. When we were growing up Kyle and I were left in the hands of nannies and babysitters that we tortured relentlessly but we didn’t really mind because we loved our parents and when they were around they literally adored us. Unfortunately for our parents they had to pick the only two kids in the system that happened to be freaks of nature. What are we? Who knows? Werewolves, Shifters, Soul Shifters, Skin Changers...Humans over the centuries have come up with hundreds, if not thousands; of different names for the creatures that they don’t even realise do actually exist. However, myself and Kyle just call ourselves Wolves...that’s it, nothing more, nothing less, just wolves.

To be honest I don’t really know how people haven’t realised Kyle and I aren’t brothers. I mean our ages are a big damn clue. We’re both 18, in the same year and class at school. So our parents must have been doing it like bunnies to get two kids so close in age but not twins.....also physically speaking were polar opposites. He’s pretty huge, like 6”2, sandy blond hair and dark black eyes. He’s got a nice natural tan and a damn six pack that I swear on my life is turning into an eight other words he’s every girl’s ideal man. Plus he’s a major athlete and not too dumb either....

I on the other hand....well, I’m 5”10 pitch black hair and dark metallic blue eyes, and I’m nicely toned but not overly muscled. I usually were glasses but sometimes I wear contacts, mainly when I’m playing sports, I’m pale and I’m built on the slim side..... Between myself and Kyle, I’m the brain and he’s the brawn but in all seriousness were both pretty athletic and both extremely smart, benefits of us being wolves I’m sure, we usually have to be careful around humans just in case we hurt them accidently. In our school we have a grading score that everyone goes by. Kyle and I are always fighting for 1st place. Same goes for football, rugby, baseball and tennis. We’re always challenging each other.......I guess that’s where all the sexual tension comes from but in the end he gets first place in sports and I get first place in academics.....its a thing.

As wolves we’re pretty much the same, Kyle’s a sandy coloured wolf with black, gold speckled eyes and long limbs. I’m midnight black with dark blue, gold speckled eyes and short limbs. Kyle doesn’t tower over me when we’re wolves but he can still be pretty intimidating since he has more muscle than I do. We look like the normal everyday wolves that you might see in the wild. The only difference is that we can change shape and we’re naturally at least 10 times stronger and faster than any ordinary wolf in existence.

The group home we lived in when we were younger was very close to the forest and so both myself and Kyle have come to the conclusion that maybe the packs or pack we belonged to either didn’t want us anymore or it moved and we were left behind....well we had many different I guess they’re not really conclusions.....more like theories. We used to tell them to each other as bedtime stories. Sometimes they had happy endings, sometimes they didn’t......


I rolled over onto my face and considered suffocating myself.......but then thought better of it...I liked oxygen...