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"Merlin's beard! I can't believe that our exams are nearly over!"

I flipped my Defence Against The Dark Arts book shut as Melody cried out, her blond hair falling over her shinning eyes. We were studying for our last end of year exam and, luckily for us, we both took Defence Against The Dark Arts in Newt level, so our exam was the same one.

Shuffling further into the chair I sat in by the fire, I yawned. "I know. I can't wait for this to be over too. I just don't know if I'm am ready for this exam."

Sixth year was the first year of Newts and it was drawing to an end, which meant that soon it would be the last year ever at Hogwarts for me. Something about that scared me.

The Common Room was beginning to be filled with people. Last period had just ended and everyone wanted to get some last minute studying done before it was the last exam. Therefore, the room was dim as all the candle lights were blocked by figures and I had to squint to read the notes that I had written. I still loved it in here though. I loved the chairs that perfectly moulded around your body, perched in homely groups around the sputtering fire. I loved the moving paintings that occupied the walls and the spiralling stairs to the dorm. I just loved Hogwarts.

Melody threw her quill down, rolling her eyes. "Lils, you know that your gonna nail this exam. You're a straight O student! The highest in the year and a Prefect," she leaned forward on her elbows. "You'll probably get Head Girl. Pretty much the whole year thinks so."

"I don't know, Mel," I said, blushing slightly. "You know I'm not so good at the practical stuff. I'd so rather be reading a book."

Chewing on my quill nervously, I watched Melody twirl her silky hair confidently around her finger. "Oh, please," she said. "I saw you cast that Patronus the other day. You did it first in the class."

"I know," I breathed. I had been the first in the class and I had been so proud to see my Doe burst out of my wand, galloping around the room, lighting its way. "But how do I know I can do it again? I mean, in the exam, I'll be under pressure, with people watching and-"

Mel stood up, her blond hair falling in curls over one of her shoulders as she walked over to me, pulling me into a hug. "Lily," she muttered into my hair. "Your gonna do this." She pulled back to look at me. "Say it."

I sighed. "I'm gonna do this," I mumbled.

"Say it with confidence," Mel exclaimed.

"I'm gonna do this!" I laughed loudly, throwing one arm in the air.

Suddenly, the Common Room went silent as everyone turned to look at me with annoyed expressions. Mel and I froze awkwardly and waited until everyone turned back around. Then we burst out laughing and I had to clutch my stomach in pain.

"Evans!" Came a voice from behind me.

I immediately stopped laughing and turned to stare at the boy behind me. I could hear Mel groan, knowing what was coming. A chair squeaked as she threw herself in it. "Here we go again," she mumbled.

"What do you want, Potter?"

Before me stood James Potter. There were many ways that I could describe James Potter and I had said many to his face, but simply...

Potter was an asshole.

He wore his robes as though they were not good enough to touch his skin, as it hung of him like curtains. He had murky black hair that stood up in all directions and on his nose were a pair of glasses. He was pale, but I wasn't in a sickly way, it just made him seem dark and mysterious. At least to most girls, to me he was a pain in the back side.

Behind him I could see his usual gang: the Marauders, they liked to call themselves. They were so arrogant that they had given themselves a name. They liked to think that they ran the school, that without them we would crumble in on ourselves, but really it was the opposite. They had that name for a reason. They were trouble makers and without them terrorising the hall, Hogwarts would be a quieter and happier place.

"Whoa," Potter said, holding up his hands in mock surrender. "Chill, Evans. I just came over to see what the racket was about-"

He was cut off by his best friend, Sirius Black, who was currently flicking his head to get his long hair out of his face. "What James means is, he wants to know what or who, exactly, your gonna do."

Behind him, a squat slimy boy with uncut blond hair sniggered: Peter.

"That is disgusting, Black," I snapped.

Potter ran a hand through his hair- did this boy want to look like a bush?- he then hit Sirius on the arm.

"Look, Evans, I just wondered what was going on with my favourite girl," he smirked at his own words.

"I don't know, Potter. Why don't you go ask her?"

His smirk was pulled off his face after my comment and he turned to Sirius, who looked like he was trying to hold back a grin. "I meant you, Evans," he said with a defeated sigh. "I'm just trying to be nice."

I rolled my eyes. "Well, be nice somewhere else."

Potter frowned for a second, but looked like he was going to go on when Remus pushed forward, book in hand, and said, "James, leave her alone. She is obviously busy." I smiled slightly. Remus was the only one out of all of these boys that I liked: he was kind, helpful and intelligent. He was everything that James Potter was not. I had seen Remus with James many times but, he was always just the quiet one. However, since we both became Prefects I had talked to him more and realised that he was more than just a Marauder; he was the only one of them with a brain. I respected him for that.

James glanced at his friend, then at me and winked. I wondered how many times today he had pulled that move. "See you around, Evans." Then he turned on his heel and swaggered off with his gang. People turned to stare at him and his gang as he left. Most people just gave him looks of terror and huddled into their seats more, but some of the looks,from girls (and the odd guy) were lustful. Though, it was nothing compared to how they gazed at Black. He was handsome, I guess, but too immature. I suppose that not everyone cares. Remus stayed silent, nose buried in book and Peter just followed them with a look of absolute praising.

"Can't wait," I muttered sarcastically to myself.

Mel laughed. "Well, that was entertaining," she said, clapping her hands together.

"Not really," I replied, grabbing up my books, parchment and quill. "Why won't he just leave me alone?"

"He likes you, Lily, that's why. In some, messed up way, that only he understands, he really likes you."

I stood up fully, clutching my things. "Well then, Merlin help me. I'm going to bed," I said running my hand along the table. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Night," Mel yawned. "And Lils?" She called back and I spun around by the stairs. "You'll do great. Get some sleep."

I smiled. "I will," I mumbled. "Love ya!"

"Love you, too," she called back and I left the Common room.


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2016 Update- Cast has just been added. It is what I personally believe the characters to look like when they were younger, as I do not feel like they were represented very well in the short period of time they were give in the Harry Potter movies. However, this cast is not how you need to picture them, think of them as you will. I just thought it would be a fun thing to add!


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