Chapter Twenty Eight- Proposal

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Chapter Twenty Eight- Proposal

Niall's POV:

"Yes, mum." I spoke on the phone with my over protective mother. "I'll be home soon, I promise." She was going on and on about how I was missing important things and how she just wanted to know that I was okay.

I put on my coat and started to try and hail a cab to take me to the dumb boathouse. Luckily, there was one sitting right outside and I quickly jumped in. I don't know what this Chelsea girl wants, but I intend on leaving right after I find out. My headache had managed to subdue, but it was still hanging over my head and I was extremely grumpy.

I'm so sick of everything. Yet I know I should be grateful with all that I have but I can't seem to bring myself to it. And that manages to make me feel even worse.

An older grimy man was driving the cab slowly and smelled of smoke. He looked like he hadn't had a good shave in two months and his dark hair was extremely overgrown.

"Where to?" He coughed out. The name tag read Vincent and he had looked rather plain.

"The Boathouse Restaurant, please."

He nodded his head and began to turn the car into the next lane. I looked around the car and had noticed he too, had a rather nice camera just like Chelsea's. Next to it was a pack of cigarettes opened, and looked like he had frequently used them.

The ride there was silent other than his coughing, except he had this creepy vibe to him that I couldn't quite place.

I got out of the cab and I noticed Chelsea was sitting there. In her sharp dark black coat and a cup of tea to the side. She also had a pen and notebook, recorder, and another camera. What kind of setup is this?

Chelsea pointed to the seat across from her and nodded her head. I sat down cautiously, and studied her. Her lips were a dark red and when she had noticed my staring she put on a fake smile.

"I'm so glad you came, Niall. I have quite the proposal for you." She then scribbled something down in messy script, and proceeded to press the record button.

I rolled my eyes and looked at her seriously. She tilted her head to the side and pouted her lips in a challenging way.

"What do you want Chelsea?" My words came out calmly and for that I was grateful but at any moment I was ready to lose my shit.

She folded her arms and leaned in closer. I decided to avoid eye contact with her and look around the restaurant. A man in a leather jacket and plain grey shirt came and sat down next to her, and when I looked up it was Vincent.

I whirled my eyebrow at him but Chelsea jumped in before I could say anything to him.

"Niall, are you familiar with what magazines have been saying about you lately?" Her words came out crisp and clean, like she had practiced this many times.

I sighed and looked away.

"Dunno.. I'm a failure who parties too much and drinks?"

Vincent chuckled lightly and I turned my head to him.

"What're you doing here? Not a real cab driver, huh?"

He laughed dryly and shook his head mocking me.

"Look Niall, I represent a small magazine company here in Dublin. I doubt you would know what it was, so I won't bother telling you. But I have connections and resources. All we and the rest of the world wants is for sweet little Niall to return."

The words she spoke hurt, as if I could feel them slicing into my skin and cutting me. Chelsea was like a nasty snake that had a strong bite with venom.

"I'm not following," I mumbled and tapped my hands then backed my chair out and stood up.

"Sit down." Chelsea said angrily. "For a fee, I will help you get back to the top. I help you get back your status as the cute Irish lad and my magazine company will finally start to get more recognition."

"Why would I want to help you do that when I can just do it myself?" I spoke tightly, starting to get annoyed with her even more.

"Because I have inside information on you, all those nights you got drunk with Sean? I have more photos of you drinking and grinding with girls than you can imagine. And if you're "rehab" doesn't go well you can kiss your precious little band goodbye."

"Okay, okay. But do you really think they would kick me out of the band? I mean look at me."

She stared at me flatly, obviously not appreciating my factual statement as a joke. Then Chelsea pulled out three different photos of me either with a beer bottle in my hand or my hands wrapped around girls. Why would she have photos of me with Sean?

"Where did you get those photos?" I asked getting upset.

"Oh, Niall how could you have been so stupid? Sean works for us."

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