Lindsey's PoV
"So... Erm... Should we head to class?" I asked awkwardly after we kissed.
"Probably. I mean we do have 10 minutes till we have to go in. Why not just chill under the tree?" He told me as he sat down under the tree. I sat down next to him.
"You know... You changed my life a lot. " I told him quietly as I placed my head on his shoulder. "You've changed mine as well. "
---- time skip of Love because why not!----
I sat down at the table in the back of the cafeteria. This use to be where everyone say at. Now just Katy, Meru, Cole and Amber when she visits sit here. Cole's old friend because Dîcks when we told them we were dating. Guess they never liked me. Snow looked like she wanted to murder her friends. She actually was really nice but she couldn't show it because of other people. She hangs out with us after school though and that's the most fun.
"Lindsey? Hey? Lindsey? " Meru moved her hand in front of my face, trying to get my attention.
"S-sorry. What's up Meru?"
"I'm having a party for my birthday next weekend and was wondering if you all wanted to come. I already told Snow and Amber and they said yes. I just need Cole's Katy and yours Answers. "
"That would be tons of fun! I would love to! " I told her accepting the Invite.
"Great. It starts after school Friday. My house is close by so we can walk after school. See you then!" She told me as Navi ((or is it Nevy?)) Came by. Meru walked to class, talking to a boy I didn't know. I'll have to ask her later about it.
I packed up my stuff and headed towards computer. Probably my favourite class in this school.

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