Chapter twenty

[Blake’s POV]

Helena was so close.

I could practically taste the strawberries that she seemed to have eaten earlier and was a hair line away from her lips. We were breathing in the same air and I felt the sweet victory of success as I moved forward to touch her lips with mine.


The front door swung open and slammed harshly against the wall leaving a solid hole as Derrek stood in the doorway. He looked panicked and frightened but as much as I wanted to feel worried about what could have put that expression on his face, I felt nothing less than pure frustration raging through every single neuron in my body at him interrupting our near kiss.

“What the hell Matchstick?!” I shouted as soon as Helena jumped back to the other side of the sofa and clearly wanting her personal space back. “You don’t just go throwing doors around! What the hell is-“

“Shut up Frosty! Where’s Tadpole? Where’s Val?!” He practically shouted in my face. His eyes looked crazed and I bit back the retort that would’ve been the first response to him telling me to shut up. I glanced back at Helena for a microsecond before looking straight at Derrek.

“She’s not here. She left a while ago” I shrugged, trying to maintain my blasé attitude.

His eye twitched and the room instantly felt like a sauna. Derrek’s golden eyes grew into a deeper, almost burnt orange gold and heat waves emanated from his shoulders. “Where is she?” he asked slowly in a deep, serious manner.  Even though the room felt as though it could burst into flames any moment, his voice was more bone-chilling than him shouting.

“She’s with Cara and Ms Avia in the Elementals’ ‘Elements Skills’ class. She’s supposed to be there to comfort and calm Cara for her personal lessons” Helena piped up, she was now standing in the middle of her meadow and twirling a ringlet of hair around her fingers.

“What’s the big deal anywa-“ I started to ask, only to realise that Derrek was already gone taking the uncomfortable heat along with him.

I sighed heavily. What the hell was that about? The room now felt a little too empty and a little too cold and I guessed it had to do with Helena giving off strong emotional waves that clearly shouted, “I need to be alone right now”

I stared at her large doe-like eyes and waited until she looked back up at me. “I’ll leave you be for now Helena, but we haven’t finished talking” I told her quietly before turning quickly and walking out of the apartment closing the door behind me.

Hopefully she still wants to talk to me...

[Derrek’s POV]

The horrible sensation that something was wrong with Val shot through me like a bullet and, after finding out where she was from Helena, I ran like the hounds from hell were on my heels. What the hell could have happened for my thoughts to be triggered like that?

“Come on!” I growled more at myself for not being able to run faster as I dashed through down the stairs and jumping over the railings to fall down faster. I could feel the fires of anger and frustration simmering below my skin and I used those emotions to fuel me into running faster.

The Elements Skills classroom was within my sight and I skidded across the polished floors when I tried to suddenly stop. I kicked the door open with so much force that it flew open and unhinged a little, making it stand lopsided. The first thing that caught my attention was Cara screaming for Val to wake up. The fire that had been burning wildly inside of me turned to smoke when I saw Val.

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