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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 22 ~ Photo Album

I woke up for a second day in a row in Walters bed. This time, he was awake before me, gently playing with the ends of my hair.

Despite the freezing night, Walter had slept topless and I had once again seen the tattoo with the initials E.S in a thorned heart.

"Morning," I mumbled.

"Morning," Walter yawned, rubbing his eyes in the cutest way ever.

"I've got school today," I pouted.

"I'm suspended until tomorrow, what time do you want to leave? I can walk you there." Walter sat up, leaning on the backboard.

"How long does it take you to get to school from your house?" I asked, snuggling in to his warmth.

He draped an arm over me, "About twenty minutes. We should leave in half an hour."

"That's barely enough time! I have to shower." I got out of the bed and glanced out the window.

Walters bedroom window looked out onto the field they had as a backyard, and the whole thing was covered on a thick layer on white glistening snow.

"It snowed!" I grinned.

Walter buried his head into his pillow, groaning.

"I hate snow."

"What? Snow is great, and it also means no school! But I'll have to check with Hayley first."

I quickly called Hayley and found out that school had called her home already to tell her that it was closed due to the snow.

"Thanks Hayley, if you wanna come round today, im sure that you can."

"I'll see you later then! Going back to sleep," Hayley yawned into the phone.

"Yeah, see you."

"Schools closed?" Walter asked as I placed my phone back down onto his desk.

"Yep!" I replied, ecstatic.

Walter patted the space next to him on the bed and I got back in. We lied in silence for a bit, while I traced random patterns on Walters arm. Then I thought about the tattoo, maybe I should finally ask before I assumed the wrong thing.

"Who's E.S?" I asked quietly, already dreading the answer.

I knew I shouldn't have asked as soon as Walter's eyes filled with something that looked like pain. He absentmindedly touched the thorned heart on his hip.

"She...was my sister."

My eyes widened. Sister? Was?

"Is she...gone?" I whispered, already knowing the answer.

Walter nodded, swallowing. He looked so upset...I bit my lip hard, why did I open my big mouth?

"I'm sorry..." I began, near tears myself. I wanted to know so much about this sister, but I knew that Walter was the wrong person to talk to about. The subject obviously hurt him. He must have loved her.

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