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AN: obviously this is a Harry Potter au where Dan and Phil are in their 6th year at Hogwarts and are learning about amortentia and they just smell each other's scents. and since im sure nobody knows if Horace Slughorn continued to teach potions after the war so he still teaches in this fic. takes place a year after the war. I own nothing but this oneshot. I respect J.K. Rowling and all of her characters and books. a bit of the recipe comes from here: (i did so much research on this one you better like it that sounded harsh nvmn)

Warnings: mentions of wine (if you're bothered by it), extreme gayness

Relationship Status: enemies to lovers


Phil Lester, a muggle-born, 16 year old Hufflepuff, was hated by Dan Howell, a pureblood, 16 year old Slytherin. They usually say that Slytherins and Hufflepuffs would make a good pair, but not them. Dan met Phil on the train and, being the total Hufflepuff Phil is, was too kind for Dan. Phil on the other hand, thought Dan was obnoxious. Everyone knew they hated each other. It just so happens that they both got into potions with an E. They had no idea that they would be in the same class.

"Are you sure you wanna continue potions?" Chris, his half-blood Gryffindor friend asked him. "I always wanted to be an Auror, of course I do." he said, looking at his schedule. "Plus, it's too late to turn back now." he sighed. "Fine." Chris groaned. "Hey Peej!" they said in unison as Pj passed them. Pj was a Ravenclaw. "Hey guys." Pj greeted. "What are you guys taking?" he asked. "Everything for becoming an Auror." Phil replied. "That's great! I'm taking the same classes as you!" he said excitedly. Chris felt left out. "Well, we're having potions next, better get going. See you Chris!" Pj said, waving at him. Chris blushed and left. Phil snickered. "What?" Pj asked. "Oh, nothing."

They both entered the classroom to be joined by Zoella Sugg, a Hufflepuff, Felix Kjellberg, a Gryffindor, Jenna Marbles (i dont remember how to spell her last name kill me), a Ravenclaw, Alfie Deyes, Gryffindor, Tyler Oakley, Slytherin, and, Dan Howell, Phil's despised enemy.

"Dan!?" Phil whispered shouted to Pj. "You have got to be kidding me." he continued. Pj turned to him. "Relax. Just ignore him." he told him. Professor Slughorn had walked in. All of them took seats in fours. Zoe, Felix, Jenna and Alfie all sat on the table on the right. Leaving Phil and Pj to sit at the table with Tyler and Dan. Their table was the nearest to a golden coloured cauldron that was emitting the most seductive smells Phil had ever inhaled. It somehow reminded him of what seems to be wine, chocolate and mocha. He found that he was breathing very slowly and deeply and that the potions fumes seemed to be filing him up like a drink. A great contentment stole over him; he grinned across at Pj, who grinned back lazily. (yes this was from the book)

"Now then," said Slughorn. "scales out, everyone, and potion kits. Don't forget your copies of Advanced Potion-Making." They all took out their items, Dan kicking Phil's leg in the process. "Now then." Slughorn walked over to his desk. "I've prepared a few potions for you to look at. These are the possible things that you will be making at this level. Can someone please tell me what is in the first cauldron?" Slughorn pointed at the cauldron nearest to Zoe. Pj raised his hand and Slughorn called him out. "It's Veritaserum. It forces the drinker to tell the truth." said Pj. "Very good, very good!" Slughorn said, smile on his lips. "Now, what does this cauldron contain?" he pointed at the cauldron that was directly at the center. Pj's hand once again shot up before anyone else. "It's Polyjuice Potion, sir." he answered. "Excellent!" he said excitedly. "Now, what is in this cauldron?" Pj's hand went up in the air again. "It's Amortentia!" Pj said, smelling a sweet sensation. "It is the most powerful love potion in the world! It's supposed to smell differently to all of us according to what attracts us. I smell broomsticks, peanut butter and-" Pj turned slightly pink before he finished the sentence.

"My dear, may I ask, what is your name?" asked Slughorn. "Pj Liguori, sir." he replied. "I'm a muggle-born, sir." Dan snickered. Phil looked at him with disgust. "20 points to Ravenclaw, for excellence, Mr. Liguori!" he said, happily. "Now, we will try to brew Amortentia today, I will pick your partners." Phil prayed that he would not be partnered up with Dan. Anyone but him. "Mr. Deyes, please pair up with Ms. Sugg." Zoe looked at Alfie who was at the far end of their table and smiled. "Mr. Kjellberg, pair up with Mr. Liguori." Pj looked at Phil. "Good luck, mate." he said, and left the table. Phil aggresively crossed his fingers and prayed that he would be partnered with Jenna or Tyler. "Ms. Marbles, pair up with" Phil closed his eyes and prayed even harder. "Mr. Oakley." Phil's eyes widened. Worry spread across his face. He knew exactly who he'd end up with. "And Mr. Lester, please pair up with Mr. Howell."

He sighed. "When will he ever be out of my life?" he muttered. He looked at Dan and Dan chuckled; he's going to murder him making this potion and make it look like an accident. "Good luck brewing, and please, read the instructions on the board carefully. Slughorn waved his wand and cast a spell; words were appearing on the board. Phil read the ingredients carefully. Dan punched him in the arm in the middle of reading. "Ow!" he said. "Can I just read for a moment?" Dan rolled his eyes. Phil finished reading and started taking a few ingredients out. Dan sighed and put the flame on low. Phil put the frozen block of glacial sea water in the cauldron. He then cut all 5 vanilla beans and dropped them in after every four and a half minutes. Dan covered the cauldron and put it on the lowest possible flame to be left for the next 5 minutes. Phil carefully watched the time on their hour glass. He was so busy that he didn't notice Dan was staring at him.

5 minutes have finished and Dan looked away as quickly as possible. Phil started stirring the potion 6 times clockwise and left it for 30 seconds. Phil forgot about it and Dan sighed; he stirred the potion instead. Phil suddenly realized his mistake and turned bright red.

*one Amortentia making later*

"Once you are all finished, I will pick a pair who will share the scents that they smell." Pj turned bright red.

*5 minutes later*

"I am guessing that all of you are finished." he said, looking at them."Mr. Lester, Mr. Howell, would you like to share what you both smell?" Dan sighed and sniffed the cauldron. Phil did the same. He looked at Dan and whispered "You go first." Dan looked at him, annoyed, and stood up. "I smell peppermint, orange juice, and the smell of a fresh morning." he then sat down. Pj looked at Dan with wide eyes. Tyler had his mouth wide open. That was exactly how Phil smelt. Phil didn't know it himself that he smelt like all three of those. Phil stood up. "I smell chocolate, mocha, and freshly spilled wine with a pinch of a beautiful evening." he said, hesitating it, and sat down. Everyone but Professor Slughorn looked at them with wide eyes. Both of them noticed the amount of eyes staring at them. Then Phil realized; Dan had always smelled of chocolate, mocha, and freshly spilled wine. Pj and Chris was always telling him he smelled of peppermint. His mouth slightly opened. Dan must have realized this too because he was looking at Phil with a tense face.

"Why are you all staring at them?" Slughorn asked, slightly confused. Jenna stood up. "Because sir, Phil smelled Dan and Dan smelled Phil." she sat down. "What's the problem with that?" he asked. "Sir, they despise each other. Everyone knows that." Felix replied. "Oh my." he looked at them. The whole classroom was silent. It just stayed like that for the next few minutes. "Class is about to end." Slughorn said, breaking the silence. They all left with wide eyes and suprised looks.

"Phil!" Pj caught up with him. "I can't believe that just happened." he muttered. Dan ran towards the both of them. "Phil?" Dan asked. "Y-yeah?" he said, nervously. "I, um, g-guess that they all know?" he told him. "M-maybe." he stuttered. They both turned away from each other. "Wanna hang out sometime?" Dan blurted out, covering his mouth after. "S-sure." Phil replied. "Hogsmeade trip i-is tomorrow." Phil continued. "M-meet me at Honeydukes when you get there." Dan said, blushing, and catching up with Tyler. Phil turned around to see Pj next to Chris, eyes wide open. He knew exactly what Pj told him. Phil walked up to them, and said "Oh yeah? Pj smells peanut butter and broomsticks in Amortentia. Guess who smells like that?" and looked at Chris. Chris was the only person they knew who played Quidditch. Pj had panic in his eyes and Chris quickly grabbed him and kissed him. "Hope you guys'll catch up with me." and Phil ran. He knew there will be 2 things Hogwarts will be talking about.

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