Return of the Chibi

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When Germany woke up on Saturday, he was not surprised to find Italy snuggled up to his chest. Germany was used to this arrangement, as Italy often snuck into his bed at night. He was so used to it that if ever Italy didn't come into his bed, he would feel quite lonley. Once, when Germany woke in the middle of the night and found that his friend was not next to him, he almost crept into Italy's bed himself, but stopped himself. It's not appropriate, he had told himself.

Germany smiled and pulled Italy closer, then realised what he was doing and got up. Whenever Italy was in his bed in the morning, Germany always made sure to get up quickly. The last time he had slept in with Italy, Prussia had walked into the room and wouldn't stop talking about it for weeks.

The German changed into his army uniform and slicked back his hair, then walked down stairs to the kitchen. Japan was already making breakfast, so Germany sat down and started to read the paper.

"Good morning, Mr Germany." Japan said politely.

"Good morning, Japan." Germany replied.

"How is Itary-san this morning?" Japan asked, turning his back to Germany so he wouldn't see his cheeky grin.

"Ja, he's good." Germany said. He flipped the page if his newspaper then threw it down on the table, "Vhy vould you be asking me zhat?"

Japan sighed, "No reason. Wourd you rike some miso soup?"

"Ja, I vould. Thank you Japan." Germany said, eyeing his friend suspiciously.

By the time Italy came down for breakfast, Germany and Japan had already finished, "Ciao, Japan! What smells-a so yummy?" He sang, skipping into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Itary." Japan smiled, "Wourd you rike some breakfast?"

"Si, grazie Japan!" Italy replied with a big smile on his face. Once he had eaten his breakfast he turned to look at Germany, awaiting instruction for the day.

Germany, who had been staring absentmindedly at the little country, snapped out of his trance and sat up straight, "Right. So today, because it is zhe veekend, ve vill only have vone hours training. After zhat, I vant to tell you both about zhe new battle strategy I have been coming up vith."

Italy's smile vanished. He hated training, and he always got lost whenever Germany tried to explain a new strategy. Never the less, today he didn't have to do as much of that stuff, so it wouldn't be that bad right?

He was wrong.

"Italia! Vhat are you doing?! Stop dragging your feet and run faster! Only ten more laps to go!" Germany yelled into Italy's ear. The Italian wimped and fastened his pace, but not by much.

"Ve~ I'm trying, Germany! My feet are sore!" Italy replied weakly.

"You should have been able to run twice as many laps by now! What happens if Britain comes-?" Before Germany could finish his sentence Italy yelped and sped off, "Italia!! Vhere are you going?!"

"Britain's going to get me!" Italy shouted back. He ran down the track as fast as his legs could carry him, which appeared to be very fast. He saw Japan crouched down in front of a cat and lost his concentration. Italy tripped up over a rock and fell over. He somersaulted forward and started to roll down a hill, "Germany! Germany!" He cried.

The hill was quite steep and he kept on rolling, faster and faster until he came to the bottom of the hill. He bounced on the ground and was thrown onto a tree. Italy plopped down I front of the tree, rubbing his head.

"Ve~ that was-a crazy!" He stood up, but his brain was still spinning and fell over instantly. Italy got up again and started to wonder around, not really thinking where he was going. When he finally realised that he was walking, Italy was deep in the forest.

"Ah! Scary trees!" He cried, "Germany! Germany!" The poor little country walked around, calling for his friend. He walked backwards, looking up at the sky when he bumped into someone.

The person fell over and a bottle of sparkly blue liquid flew into the air and smashed onto Italy. Italy screamed and pulled the glass out of his hair, then tried to wipe the liquid our of his eyes. The mixture somehow managed to cover every inch of him, as if it was meant to make a sort of barrier around him. Some of it even got into his mouth.

"Yuck! What is-a this stuff?" Italy asked the stranger. He looked down at the person on the ground and screamed again, "Ah! It's Britain!"

"Oh, bollocks! You made me spill my potion!" England huffed, getting up and dusting himself off. He was just about to tell Italy how to avoid the affects of the potion taking place, but he had already run off, "What the-? Where'd he go?"


My the time Germany found Italy it was almost dark and the little country was exhausted. Germany sighed and lifted the sleeping Italy off if the ground and carried him bridal-style back to the house.

He tucked him into his bed and placed his hand on his forehead, "Mein gott! His temperature is sky-high! Poor Italia."

Germany ran some water over a face-cloth and placed it on Italy's forehead. Italy stirred in his sleep and mumbled, making Germany's heart skip a beat. He's so cute. He thought. Vait, vhat?

Germany shook himself out of it and walked out of Italy's room. Ad he closed the door, he would have sworn that Italy had said his name.


The next morning, when Germany woke up, he thought that Italy wasn't in his bed with him. He rolled over and saw a single curl poking out from under the covers. Germany pulled the covers away, screamed and fell out of bed.

Yes, Italy was under there. But it wasn't the Italy Germany knew.

Under the covers was a tiny, 5 year old boy.


A/N: Oh honhonhon! You like it, no? I was on Tumblr and I saw a couple of fanarts (including the cover) of Chibitalia and Germany, and then 'Chibitalia Returns' was born.

I'm so excited because I've come up with all of these ideas for this story already and I can't wait to write them!

But for now, I must sleep, because it is 11:00 and I have school tomorrow, and you've already stopped reading anyway.

Until next time! Hasta-la-pasta!
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