Chapter 12 - Good and bad things

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I woke up at 6am and it was Sunday! But when I’m awake I can’t sleep anymore. So I made breakfast and after this I went jog. Unconscious I walked into the forest, to the lake. When I arrived, I took a deep breath and stand there for a few minutes. I remember the day, when I and Niall sat there and he was nearly to kiss me, but than my stupid mum interrupted us by calling me. His lips were only a few centimeter away from mine. Butterflies started to enter my stomach and I was jumping on the inside with happiness, but then my mobile rang… I was really angry about my mum, but maybe he’ll kiss me again.

‘Listen to your heart.’ Harry’s voice said in my head.

Yes! And my heart says that Niall is the one. I love him since the first time I saw him on X-Factor. This means, I love him now for a few years.

I know Dean only for 3 or 4 month and he’s kind and gorgeous guy. I really like him, but now I know only as a friend.

When I arrived at the park, Dean already waits for me.

“Hello beautiful.” He said and hugged me tight.

“Hi Dean.” I said and pulled him away. “What will we do now?”

“It’s a surprise.” He said cheeky and grabs my hand. “Please close your eyes.” I did it.

He leads me to a quieter part in the park. I could hear the birds chirp and waves.

“Ok here we are. You can open your eyes now.” He said.

I opened my eyes and could see a bench, which stands on the beach and in front of it were some candles, which formed a heart. Wow, I was overwhelmed! That’s so romantic and cute from Dean. He really loves me… But what should I do now?

‘Listen to your heart!’ Harry’s voice said again in my head.

“Wow, that’s so beautiful.” I told him.

“Let’s sit down.” He said and we go to the bench. Suddenly I heard it crack. I think something it’s in that bush over there… oh no, I could see a bird fly away.

“Dodo. I must tell you something, but I think you already know it.” Dean began to tell me and grabs my hand. “I really had a crush on you, since the first time we met. And I wanna ask you now something.” He took a deep breath. “Will you be mine?”

I can’t look him in the eyes. “Well Dean …. um… I don’t know what to say, because there’s-“

He cuts me up by kissing me… I pulled him away after a few seconds and jump up.

“Dean! Sorry, but I don’t like you this way.. I love another guy.” I whispered. At this moment I saw a movement near the bush… there runs somebody. The only thing I could see was blonde hairs.

Oh no! Niall!

“No! Niall, please wait!” I shout and followed him.

When I arrived at the street, I could see him driving away with his car. Now I broke down and started crying. I sat there a few minutes. I realized that he wouldn’t come back. So I stand up and walked home. After I closed the door, I run upstairs into my room and throw me on my bed. It feels like I cry for hours, I couldn’t stop. A few times my mobile rang, but I don’t notice. Now it rings and rings and rings… it didn’t stop! So I press the green button. “Hello?”

“Doreen! Why don’t you answer my messages or pick up your phone?!”

“Sorry… I have some problems…. Harry!!! I’m so stupid! I broke everything!” Now I start crying again.

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