You're Safe with Me

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AN: slight swearing *violently types to the beat of fob songs*

Warnings: Slight swearing, mentions of rape

Relationship status: getting together


"Sir! I'm sorry to bother you but, where am I?" Dan hurriedly ran to a stranger, tapping his shoulder. The stranger turned around and Dan was met with a pair of electrifying blue eyes. "You're in Manchester." he said, smiling. Dan was mesmerized by his eyes. Never has he seen anything like them. He would love to wake up with those eyes looking at him lovingly. But he couldn't trust anyone. No, he can't, not after what happened last time.....

Phil felt weird to meet this random stranger asking where he is, but he just felt... nice. He doesn't understand why. He has this feeling that he has to help him. But he was just a random stranger, why would he need help? Well, he did seem a little lost.

"Why do you ask?" the stranger asked, breaking the awkward silence. "I've been hitchhiking a lot I guess, lost sense of direction." Dan answered, slightly blushing. "What's your name?" Dan hesitated for a moment before answering. "I'm D-Dan How- no just Dan." he uttered. "You?"

"I'm Phil. And you sound kind of nervous. Are you okay?" Phil said, slightly raising an eyebrow. "Not really...." Dan replied. "What happened?" he could see the despair in Dan's eyes. "I shouldn't really be talking to a stranger about this." Dan looked away. "It's fine, I won't tell anyone." Phil bit his lip. "It's more than the fact that I don't trust people, Phil." Dan said, looking down. "Alright."

"No offence but, do you even have a place to stay in?" Phil said, concern in his voice. "No, but I'm fine. I've managed this for a long time. I'm not making this mistake again." Dan crossed his arms. "Okay, I guess I'll be going." and Phil turned around. "Please don't go." Dan looked at him with sad eyes. He was alone for so long, it was nice to talk to someone nice for once. "If you want me to stay, then okay. Where are you from?"

"Wokingham, 250 miles from here I think." Dan adjusted his fringe. "That's pretty far from here. You did all that on foot?" Dan nodded. "Took me around 3 to 4 months to get here." he sighed. "Aren't you exhausted?" Phil asked. "Not really." he muttered. "So, tell me about yourself." Phil quickly wondered if it was a good idea to tell Dan about himself. They only just met. He decided to tell him anyways. "Well, I'm 21, and I study at University of Manchester. I also do YouTube." a small smile formed on his lips. "Well, I'm 17, and also really boring." Dan said, boringly.

"17? That's pretty young to be out and about alone for 3 to 4 months." Phil said, wondering how he went on that long. "Hey! I could do magic outside of Hogwarts at this age!" he snickered. They both laughed. "But, you know, I couldn't take it anymore at home." he looked down again. "Couldn't take it at home?" Phil walked closer to him. "My parents are homophobes, and I'm as straight as my hair." Dan chuckled, pointing at his hobbit-hair. "That's terrible!" Phil said, concern in his voice. "Are you alright?" (the kids arent alright lol get it) he continued. "No, I'm fine." Dan forced a smile.

"Are you sure? You sounded pretty devastated." Dan nodded. "You do know that you aren't fooling me." Dan sighed and said "I know." and looked down. "I should get you something." Phil looked at him. "It's alright. I don't need anything at the moment." he said quietly. "Have you showered?" he lifted Dan's chin up. "No. Not for a while." Dan said, frowning slightly. "Maybe you can stay the night at my place?"

Calm down Dan. He doesn't know. Just say no.

"No thanks. Last time it happened I-I- let's just say it didn't end well." Dan said, shaking his head. "Um, okay. But it is starting to rain." Phil said, looking at the sky. "Fine. But I'm not staying the night." Dan sighed. Phil took his hand and led him to his place.

*16 minutes later*

Phil opened the door. "You should shower or something. The bathroom is upstairs next to my bedroom. You can stay in my bedroom if you want." Phil pointed upstairs. "Do you want to eat anything? Maybe sushi?" Dan eyes lit up. He loved sushi. "Let's have sushi!" Dan said, excitedly. "I'm just gonna go order some." Phil left the room and Dan dashed for the bathroom.

He took of his clothes and got in the shower. It's been a while since he showered, he felt ridiculously happy when he felt the warm water flowing on his body. He then wondered if he could really trust Phil. He was nice, but who knows?

*9 minutes later*

Dan was all dressed and in Phil's bedroom. It was really comfortable. He hasn't lain in a bed for so long.

*30 minutes later*

"Dan! The sushi is here!" Phil yelled. Dan rushed down the stairs. He was starving.

*like maybe 40 minutes later or something*

"Sushi was amazing." Dan said, smiling. "Like you." Phil whispered. "Wanna watch a movie?" Phil asked. "Sure." Dan replied. "What movie do you wanna watch?" Phil asked, looking at his humongous CD collection. "You pick." Dan told him. Phil ran to his shelf and picked out Finding Nemo. "How's finding a lost fish sound?" Phil snickered. Dan chuckled. "Why not." Dan answered.

*one Finding Nemo movie later*

Dan rested his head on Phil's shoulder. He was beat. His eyelids were falling. Phil's eyelids did the same. "It's getting pretty late." Dan nodded without opening his eyes. Phil carried Dan bridal-style to his bed. Dan's eyes opened wide and he freaked. "What the fuck are you doing?" Dan panicked. "Carrying you to bed." Dan calmed down a little bit as he was tucked into bed by Phil. Phil kissed his forehead and quickly left the room.

What the fuck just happened? Dan thought as he slowly fell asleep.

*in the middle of the night*

"N-no! Sto- Stop! Let g-go of me!" Dan twisted and turned. Phil was awoken by the screaming coming from his bedroom and quickly ran up to his room. "Dan?" and Dan shot up, sweating and trembling. "What happened?" Phil sat beside him. "I'm fine. Just go back to bed." he answered, still trembling. "You're sweating." Phil said, rubbing his back. "S-so what?" Dan faked another smile. "You were shouting." Dan sighed in defeat. "It's fine though, it happens all the time." Phil pulled him into a hug. "Maybe I should sleep with you tonight." he then patted his back. "That only make it worse." Dan pulled away from the hug. "I can handle it." Phil reassured him. "That's not what I meant. Remember earlier I said last time I stayed with someone it didn't end well?" Dan sighed. Phil nodded. "I-I- was raped. That's why I was scared to stay with you. That's why I don't trust people. That's what I was dreaming about, and that's why you aren't staying with me tonight." Dan looked down. "I'm sorry. I guess I'll go sleep on the couch." Dan eyes widen slightly. "Why are you on the couch but I'm on the bed?" Phil sighed. "Because the bed is more comfortable." Dan patted next to him. "Get in." Phil jumped in bed. Dan curled against him and hugged him tightly. "Night Phil." Phil kissed his forehead. "Night Dan. You're safe with me."

Dan didn't know why, but he did feel safe to have him around.

And the next thing you know, Dan becomes an internet famous star.

AN: this was inspired by a chat on shamchat. credits to the person who played Dan :)

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