Nathan Sykes Imagine

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Written by @abipenn on twitter :)

#imagine you heard you alarm go off 'ugh school again' you thought getting up and getting dressed. You got dressed and ate your food. You looked at the time and saw it was time to go. You walked to school listening to Maroon 5. When you got to school you opened your locker and saw a note fall To the floor you opened it and it said 'ugly' you almost cried but didn't want to ruin your make up so you just threw it away. As you were walking around you heard "hey did you get that note?" You turned around and say the schools popular girl Brighton and her group of friends. 'So that's who wrote it's you thought to yourself. You just shook your head and walked away with them laughing at you.

*Next day*

You got another note 'whore' this one said. You sighed and threw it away. This kept happening for the rest of the week everyday you'd get a new note with something Nasty written on it. You saw the school Jock Nathan with his group of friends and Brighton and hers. You've always had a crush on Nathan but remember he's popular and every girl loves him. You sighed and went off to your first period. In third you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned around  And it was Nathan. "Hey could you help me with this problem I don't get it" he asks and you feel your heart race. 'Be cool Y/N' "sure" you said stood by him and explained how to do it "thank you darling girl" he said kissing your cheek. You blushed mad and sat down with a big smile on your face. Later that day all you kept thinking about was Nathan and how he kissed your cheek and called you darling girl. You blushed thinking about it till Brighton had to ruin it by pouring chocolate milk over you. Nice. 'What the hell!?!' You thought and looked up to see Brighton smirking. 'That son of a bitch' you thought but you just kept it cool on the outside. The whole section was laughing and you calmly got up and looked at her. You raises an eyebrow. "Care to explain?" You asked looking at this carrot skinned fake "stay away from Nathan. For it?" She answered snooty. "Got it" you said and walked into the bathroom and cleaned yourself up and called your mom to come and get you.

You got home and heard a vibration you look at your phone and say it was a text from an unknown number 'hey where were you today?:(' the text said 'who the hell?' You thought to yourself  'um may I ask who this is'? You text back it vibrates again 'Nathan(:' it says your heart races but was it really him? 'How do I know it's really you and how did you get my number?' Your ringtone starts playing and it's the number "hello?" You ask "hi darling girl" A deep voice answers and yup it's Nathan. "So it is you okay." You says smiling "it is indeed. I got it from Stacey (your friend)." You talk to him till your tired.

*next morning*

You get to school and open your locked to see another note. You sigh thinking it was another name. Bit it wasn't 'Roses are red, violets are blue, if I had to choose I'd pick you' it read you had this confused look on your face but thought it was cute. You put it in your notebook and smiled. In period you were watching Mr. Edman (my favorite teacher ever) do the math problem. You saw a note fly on your desk From behind and you opened it up 'hi(:' it said. You looked behind you and saw Nathan smirking. You laughed at his expression "awe Nathan and Y/N are being the love birds awe" and everyoned awed you felt your cheeks rise and you looked at your teacher who made fun of you and laughed. You wrote back to him and all day when you'd see each other you'd pass notes. You smiled because you're talking to Nathan Sykes the most popular boy in the school.


You get a text from Nathan 'hey Y/N can I come over?(:' you answered yes and in a few he was over at your house "Y/N!!!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!" Nathan yelled once he saw you you laughed and said hi and hugged him. *later* would you like something to eat?" You asked him "sure why not" he answered looking at your room. You went to make some food, when you came back you saw Nathan was reading a note that Was written by Brighton that was threatening you. "Hey! Don't read that!" You yelled pulling it out of his hands and stuffing it in your backpack "Y/N who wrote that?" He asked with concern "no-no one" you said getting nervous. "Y/N tell me the truth" he said grabbing your hand You look in his eyes and they're filled with care you sigh "Brighton" you muttered hoping he didn't hear it but he did. You looked up at him and his eyes were filled with anger and his face looked really pissed. "Nathan?" You asked getting a little worried "that bitch" he muttered "HOW THE FUCK DARE SHE WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO YOU!? WHO THE HELL FOES SHE THIBK SHE IS?!" he yelled "Nathan Please.." you whispered and touched his back for him to calm down he instantly did. "I will handle this tomorrow baby girl. She won't touch you" he said bringing you into a hug "Nathan no please I don't want her to find out you know." You said a little scared of her knowing. "Why? She's threatening you Y/N, you can't just let her. I don't care I'm not letting her get away with this" he said kissing your temple.