Day 26: Museums Are A Great Place To Revisit The Past

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Slow down, the world isn't watching us break down

It's safe to say we are alone now, we're alone now.

Start Destination: Brussels, Belgium

End Destination: Brussels, Belgium

Via: Museum of Brussels City

9:23AM (GMT) / 10:23AM (Local Time)

The next morning when Levi suggests going to a museum Rosie and Elise both throw pillows at him.

"Come on guys," he urges, "it'll be really interesting."

"I've already been to enough museums on this trip to last me a life time," Rosie replies snuggling further down into her duvet.

Levi looks around the room with a forlorn expression on his face.

"You guys seriously don't want to go?" He asks with a slight pout lining his features, "but... I thought you guys liked going to museums."

"Nobody likes going to museums Levi, we all just tolerate it so that you don't get too bored," Rosie says in a sleepy haze, "but no longer, I'm too tired to traipse around looking at some boring old shit."

The pout remains on Levi's face and I can feel myself start to cave in. Surely as his friend it is my duty to make sure he enjoys the trip.

And that in the end is the essence of it; I am more than aware that whilst Rosie, El and I dance the night away at concerts Levi is spending his time alone, the majority of it in hostel rooms as he waits for us to come home. I can't imagine that that is all that fun.

So I feel sorry for Levi, because as much as Rosie says we are trying to make up for it by going to museums with him, I know that it will never really make up for it, especially now when Rosie is saying she won't even do that anymore. Sure, Levi made the decision to come on this trip and none of us invited him, sure Levi is going to be seeing his girlfriend in a few days anyway so he won't be able to complain anymore. But that doesn't stop me from feeling sorry for him.

"I'll come with you," I sigh, "but this better be an interesting museum."

The smile on Levi's face makes me feel better about my decision and slowly, he leans over and gives me a tentative hug, apparently worried about how I will react.

"Thanks," he whispers in my ear so only I can hear.

Elise appears to have gone back to sleep but Rosie is rolling her eyes at our actions and my decision.

"See," Levi says to her, "that's what real friendship is."

"Sure, it's just friendship between the two of you."

I can see that Levi is about to ask his sister what she means by that but I quickly stop him before he can do that.

"Come on then," I say to him, "let's get this over and done with."

Levi sticks his tongue out at me and ruffles my hair as he walks out of the room.

"Get dressed quickly," he shouts from the corridor, "we're leaving in five minutes."

I do not rush to get ready, as I am the only person agreeing to go with him it seems highly unlikely that Levi is going to leave me behind. As I get dressed I try to ignore Rosie's judgemental looks.

"What?" I ask her eventually.

"Have you got a thing for my brother?"

"God no," I reply, "that ship has long since sailed. We're just friends now."

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