Chapter 10: Almost There

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When we got to the campsite, I was thankful that the weather was nice and warm here. Everyone placed their things aside so we could all make our tents.

"Have you guys ever built a tent before?"I took the tent out from the bag while Nayeon and her friend, Seulgi, were trying to read the instructions. The three of us are sharing a tent and we have no camping experience whatsoever.

"I think you just stick that stick over there and then put that thing through the loop."

"Thanks Seulgi, but that was no help," Nayeon said. "Aw look at Daehyun helping Hyuna make her tent."

Nayeon and Seulgi gushed at how cute Daehyun and Hyuna were. I focused my attention on trying to get this tent up on my own.

"Let me help you," Yongguk took the rods out of my hands and started building the tent.

"Oh thank you, but it's ok..." I tried grabbing the materials back but just stepped aside when Yongguk insisted on finishing it himself.

"Hey nice work Yongguk!" Nayeon gave him a thumbs up once he finished making our tent.

"It's very handy to have a boyfriend around," Seulgi said.

"Hey, I was pretty confident that we would be able to do it," I said to Seulgi, "And he's not my boyfriend."

"Not yet," Yongguk whispered near my ear and winked at me. "And shouldn't you be thanking me for making your tent?"

Once Yongguk walked to the guys side, Nayeon and Seulgi squealed and pulled my arms, "What was that about? There's definitely something going on between you two."

"Well that's what the whole class thinks," I retorted.

After everyone finished making their tents, we all changed into our swimwear to swim in the clear lake. I wore my white two piece but wore a zip up jacket over it. As I was putting my hair in a bun, I hear Yongguk asking his friends if they have any sunblock.

I didn't get to properly thank him for building the tent, so I guess I could lend him my sun block. "Hey, do you need this?"

I handed him the bottle and he started applying the lotion on his arm. "I forgot to say thanks for helping us out."

"Don't worry, I'll think of a way you can repay me," he said teasingly and I just sneered.

"C'mon Jieun, let's go swim," Nayeon lightly tugged my jacket before passing by me.

"Alright," I called back and unzipped my jacket, putting it down on one of the chairs. "Ummm I don't think you need that much sun block Yongguk..." I arched my eyebrow when I see that he squeezed out almost half of the bottle on his hand.

"W-what?" Yongguk blinked and saw that he was still mindlessly squeezing the lotion bottle.

Himchan laughed, "He's probably distracted."

"Hmm he was right when he said you were hot," Jongup commented and I suddenly felt like covering myself up again. I looked down at my body and I didn't think that my bikini was that revealing.

"Shut up, stop staring at her," Yongguk wiped his hand full of sun block on Jongup's shoulder.

"Jieun~!" I heard Nayeon and Seulgi calling me from the lake.

"I'm coming!" I waved back at them. "Are you guys going swimming too?"

"Yeah, let's g-" Yongguk was cut off when his clingy neighbor appeared.

"Yongguk~ let's go swimming together," She practically dragged him away and he was trying his hardest to escape from her grip.


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