Cute Niall Horan Imagines

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U want to go home after a really long and boring school day. But U to go to ur boyfriend Niall in hope he cheers u up. U unlock the door with the second key he gave u. U where about to scream his name when u saw him sleeping on the sofa. U lay next to him. Ur now face-to-face. He looks soo cute u think and grin like an idiot :D. Suddenly ur phone rings. Shit u say. U didn't wanted niall to wake up. Too late. Babe? Hey.. U smile. U answer ur phone. It's ur mum. U tell her that you're at Niall's and will be home in a couple hours. U hung up and turn to niall who wrapped his strong arms around ur thin body. He pulls u onto his lap. Both of ur legs on each side. Tell me babe.. He says in a husky voice and smirks... were I watching me sleep?... U blush and look down. He puts his finger under ur chin and lifts it up. U stare at his beautiful blue eyes, u have never seen more beautiful eyes. It's okay princess he says ... I love watching u sleep, too. U smile. His face comes closer to urs. U feel his soft and warm lips on yours. Sweet kisses are shared. The kiss turns into a make-out session. U feel his big hands softly under ir shirt, caressing ur sensitive skin. U pull at the hem of his shirt and he helps u to take it off. u keep in that position for a couple more minutes, until u have to stop kissing cause u had no more breath left. Both of u are breathing heavy as u hear him whisper to you... I love you, Leanna. I've never been so happy in my life. All I need is u and music... and FOOD! U laugh out loud hahaha I love u too nialler, never let me go babe. U kiss again but this time it's a sweet and short one. U two watch a romantic comedy and after that he drives u home. At 10:34 u get a message. It's niall. It's says.. *i will never let you go, my princess.. Ily xx* u smile and slowly drift away to dream of ur Irish snowflake. Hope u like it :) xx
Sry if there are any spelling errors :)

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