Chapter 9: Why It's Good to Have a Boyfriend

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The weather said that it was going to be sunny this morning so I was hit with disappointment when I showed up at school in shorts and a t-shirt while the weather was cold and gloomy. Everyone in our year was waiting in front of the school for the bus that was to take us to the camping site. Hopefully the weather wouldn't be like this during our trip.

I stood by my duffle bag and wrapped my arms around myself, teeth chattering. It would be too much trouble to take out the clothes in my bag to find a long sleeve so I was just hoping that the bus driver would come soon. I look to my right and I see Daehyun wrapping his arms around Hyuna for body heat. It would be nice to be in her position right now.

"Don't worry, times like these are why it's good to have a boyfriend." Yongguk came up from behind me and put a jacket over my shoulders. He rubbed his hands up and down my arms for warmth and even though I was thankful that I was no longer freezing, we were attracting some curious and jealous stares from our schoolmates.

"Thanks Yongguk, but I'm fine...and don't say that word out loud," I slid the jacket off but when I was suddenly faced by the cold winds, I brought it back up to my shoulders once again.

"What word? Boyfriend?" He enunciated the word and poked my cheek to annoy me.

"Stop flirting you guys," Jongup hit Yongguk on the back of his head and we were now met with his usual friend group. Yongguk punched him in the arm in return.

"We're not flirting," I said flatly.

"Ugh it's so cold!" Youngjae exclaimed and breathed into his hands.

"Here, use this," I handed him Yongguk's jacket as a way to stop the stares in my direction. Youngjae took it from me gratefully and wore it.

"Hey! I gave that to Jieun," Yongguk whined, sounding somewhat like a little kid.

"Ahh dissed again," Himchan laughed while Zelo patted Yongguk's back.

The buses finally came and Mr. Shin was telling us which bus we were to sit in. "My class is in the first bus, 3-B in the second bus, and 3-C in the third bus."

"Aw we don't get to sit next to each other," I heard Hyuna say to Daehyun.

"Go ahead and pick your seat partner," Mr. Shin announced. My mouth formed an 'O' when I realized that I could sit next to Daehyun during the ride.


[3rd person]

"Hey if you were planning to ride with Jieun, you better get her fast," Himchan nudged Yongguk who spotted Jieun picking up her duffle bag and walking towards the rest of the class. He picked up his backpack and started going after her.

It was too late and Jieun was already tapping Daehyun on the shoulder, asking if he wanted to sit with her on the bus. He nodded accordingly and they went onto the bus.


I was excited to go camping but I wasn't looking forward for the 2 hour bus ride to get there. All of the boys were so rowdy and they were throwing things at each other. Daehyun and I took the seats near the middle of the bus and I noticed Yongguk and his friends were the last people to get on, so they sat in the back.

"These guys are pretty loud, huh?" Daehyun said to me.

"Yeah, it's like they can never shut up."

I saw Daehyun take out his phone and put in his earbuds. He then offered the left side to me and I hesitantly took it. I watched him as he scrolled through his phone trying to find music. It was nice of him to offer one of his earbuds to me, especially after I was saying that I forgot to bring my own. We had to lean a little bit closer to each other so we could look at the choices on his phone.

His thumb accidentally hit one of the songs and I started giggling. He was playing Sistar's Touch My Body.

"Do you like this song?" I asked him.

"Uhh yeahh..."He admitted shyly, "But I pressed it on accident." He then changed the song to an indie group which was very calming.

The ride was really long and I felt myself dozing off. My head was bobbing up and down and I tried keeping awake. I'll just take a quick nap.

"Hey. Wake up." I was awakened by a rude voice and my eyes fluttered open. I let out a small gasp when I realized that my head was resting on Daehyun shoulder and Daehyun was oblivious since he was sleeping too.

I slipped my head out of the crook of Daehyun's neck and rubbed my eyes to fully wake myself up. "Yongguk?" I see that Yongguk, Daehyun, and I are the only ones left on the bus and he's looking down at me with a disapproving glare.

"We're already here and everyone just got off," He pulls the earbud out of my ear and grabs my duffle bag for me.

I tapped Daehyun next to me. He looks so angelic when he sleeps. "Daehyun, wake up."

Daehyun wakes up and looks out the bus window, "Oh we're here already?"

Hyuna comes to the side of our bus and starts waving her hands not wanting to wait another second of being separated from her boyfriend.

He waves back at her and I get up from my seat so he could pass through. "Let's go guys," He says to me and Yongguk as he leaves the bus.

"Did you enjoy your time with that guy?" Yongguk said to me as we walk down the steps of the bus.

"What are you talking about?" I stretched my arms, grateful that we finally arrived at the campsite.

"Nervmind." Yongguk said, clearly trying to hide his jealousy. "I'll make sure that we get to spend time together on this trip, just like what you told your mom." Yongguk's pout formed into a grin and I could tell that he was thinking of ways for me to pay him back.

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