Chapter 4

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"Onigami has been controlling this town for a while now. I can't remember the last time when everyone was actually celebrating and having a good time...It's horrible..." Shira said while looking down at the ground.
"Do you have any idea where he's hiding?" Natsu asked.
"His hideout is somewhere in the center of the city... He runs some shops around here. Maybe if you confront his men enough you'll be able to get the exact location, but be careful, some of his best men run those places and they're not that easy to take down."
"Not if you have a little fire power. I'll burn them to the ground." Natsu smirked while some fire burned in his hand.
"Natsu we can't just run in the place and take everyone down. We need a plan." Mira said.
"Fine. Hey Shira, do you know one of the names of the places where we could get some information on Onigami?"
"Yes, it's a tavern, called Aki Tiki. They must know a lot depending on how many higher-ups are there."
"Shouldn't be too bad. This is gonna be a breeze. Shall we head out and wreck the place?"
"Why not?" Lisanna sighed, but she was kind of hoping to see Natsu in action.
"Thanks for the information Shira, we'll make sure that your town will be celebrating and having fun again in no time." Said Mira smiling at her.
"Thank you so much!" Shira's hood was still up so you couldn't really see her face, but thy could tell she was smiling. The team then left and headed over to Aki Tiki. On their way there, there was barely a single person in sight. But the only thing they noticed were men on some corners of the street, but they didn't seem like men. They finally got to the tavern and stood outside of it.
"So this is the place?" Natsu asked.
"Apparently. It's definitely packed with security." Mira said.
"Then shall we head in like men?" Said Elfman.
"Why not?" said Lisanna.
"Then let's go! I'm all fired up." Natsu said while getting his fist ready.
Meanwhile Lucy and Sting were going back home from their date, which went well surprisingly. They were laughing and holding hands. All was going well for them. Lucy was becoming more and more distant from Natsu and started becoming more and more closer with Sting.

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