Plane ride

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I have one week until vidcon. gosh i am so excited!! I get to go with Ricardo and Jc along with my two bestfriends Kaitlyn and Aria.

"Are you excited Ally!?" Ricardo yelled in my ear.

"YES RICARDO. I GET TO MEET MY HUSBAND!!!" i screamed back.

"what? your married? since when?"

"since she first layed eyes on connor." jc mumbled.

"hey whats up with you?" i whispered.

"uhh nothing lets forget about me. Cmon we are gonna be late for the plane."

"Alrighty then"

We all hopped in Ricardo's car. Aria and Ricardo have this 'thing' together. More like theyre an item. So Aria and Ricardo sat in the front seat. Meanwhile i had to sit in the back with Kaitlyn and Jc. Jc had been acting really weird. I dont know why. Ever since i started obsessing over one of his bestfriends; connor, hes been acting strange. OH NO, is he jealous!? He cant be! We have been friends since second grade and its only been a brother/sister relationship. Oh my gosh im stressing over nothing. Maybe i kind of like him back. But i cant tell him just in case!

I ended up falling asleep on jc's shoulder.

"Ally wake up we're at the airport"

i heard a familiar voice say as i was shooken.


"its been 3 hours ally." Ricardo said sarcasticly. I always fall asleep in cars and stuff. So theyre used to it by now.

We got in the plane and if course, Ricardo and Aria sat beside each other and Kaitlyn and Jc were fighting over me.



Kaitlyn won by biting jc's finger.

"Did you seriously have to bite my finger?" jc whispered as he tapped her shoulder from behind.

"Yes, i need to sit beside my bestfriend!"


About 2 hours past and i got a text. I looked around and Kaitlyn was sleeping on my arm, ricardo and aria were both sleeping. And only jc and i were awake. I growled and pulled out my phone.



To: Ally

From: Unknown Number

'Hey so excited to meet you'

'whos this?'


'kian are you pulling a prank on me?'

ive met kian lawley before. When i went to cali. We're actually good friends but he always pulls pranks and stuff.

'im not keeners.'

'who are you then?'

'im connor franta and your watching disney channel!'

'HA HA. seriously who is this.'

'Connor franta!'

'are you sure?'

'100% sure ;)'

'how did you get my number?'

'Ricardo sent it to me a month ago i just was scared to text you'


'haha ya, when does your plane land?'

Announcer: "please everyone put your seatbelts on we will be landing in 5 minutes."

'haha in 5 minutes actually'

'ok see ya at the hotel '

did connor franta just send me a kissy face!?!?? omg. I thought i better wake up kaitlyn, aria, and ricardo since jc wouldnt do it.


Hope you like this longer chapter! oooooh does jc have a crush?!!? Is connor flirting!!? Wait and find out;)

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