chapter 5, look whos here/ chocolate chip waffles

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jeff's pov

that same elevator song continued to play. Backwards forwards roundwards again and again and again. It scared me. It honestly did, none of the other things like blood painting did. But there was something about this music. I had a flashback right then and there...*flashback*  I sat on the bed with Liu. "Its my turn!!!!" He said shoving me to the side. "Im the oldest I get to pick the movie!!!!" I pouted. "B-but liu....please?...." "NO! MY TU-" He was interrupted by mommy tickling him to death. "I got you liu!!!!" She said laughing. "its Jeff's turn..." "no fair!!!!!" He pouted. "You picked the movie last time..." "fine..." I slowly walked up to the shelf of movies we had on the wall. All of them were to cheesy for me. Cinderella, Aladdin, snow white, Thomas the train, blah blah blah. I was about to turn when my foot kicked a movie across the floor. "Alice in wonderland?..." I read, picking the case off the floor. "Peculiar...I don't remember owning that...." Mother said kissing our foreheads. "you two can watch that tonight, get in your beds..." I put the disk into the small TV in liu and i's room and shut the light out. We both crawled into our beds and began to watch the movie. "Im late! im late! for a very important date! no time to say hello! goodbye! im late im late IM LATE!!!!" It was a rabbit. Running through a forest. This rabbit gave me nightmares, the way the artist had drawn it. The long ears and the large pink eyes. I curled up not wanting to look at the screen for the rest of the night, while liu watched with glee....*end of flashback* My knees buckled. With every change in tempo my brain recited along with the song in the elevator. "Im late! im late! for a very important date! no time to say hello! goodbye! im late im late IM LATE!!!!" That was the song playing in the elevator. What kind of sick person would put this music in an elevator? The elevator stopped going up and the doors slid open. Here I was. This was the only floor that was dark.... The elevator closed behind me. At the end of the hall there was one creaked open door. I heard the scurry again. but it wasn't a scurry. It was purring. I heard the soft purring of a cat who wa pleased with his work. Of a cat who knew what came next. Then I heard a chuckle. A low chuckle. "WHO'S THERE!?!??!" I asked. pulling the knife from my hoodie pocket. "Why ask who's there...when you could ask why....or how....or when?....I showed up?" the voice asked. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned. To be inches away from a pair of over sized turquoise bright blue orbs. And a smile larger than a crescent moon. Ears peaking out of the silver grey and turquoise bright blue hair. Pale. He was pale. He looked more than un-human. "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!" I stumbled back. He chuckled. "I was expecting adventurous y/n would follow my clues, but I guess you will have to do, Jeffery alexander woods..." He smirked. "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ME!!??!?!" I asked. "I know everyone....I know you all like the back of my hands, im late, im late..." He chuckled. "Shutup..." I stood tall. "Cheshire cat..." He purred. "Someone hit the nail on the head..." He began to float circles around me. The riddles he spoke were perplexing and difficult to decipher. "Now, I have a deal...." He stroked his whiskers with his pale human fingers. "NO deals....get the fuck outta here..." I demanded. "No no no wouldn't want to be doing that unless yu want to see precious y/n dead..." He smiled widely. I stopped. "I am a proxy hunter you know...luckily I prefer to learn about my prey before they die, and I know nothing about y/n..." He purred. His eyes closing and he floated to the ceiling, as if he had begun daydreaming. "But that's beside the point..." he came back down to the floor. "Here's the deal....I can let her live, get something from her first.....I need her underwear...." "What...the.....actual......fuck......" I raised my eyebrow. "why the fuck do you need her panties t-" "I just need them it doesn't matter to you why...." He argued. "What matters is, you give them to me, and she lives, are we clear?" I nodded. "So basically, I go get undies, give them to you, none of us die?" "naturally... He agreed. "How do I know you aren't tricking me CHESHIRE CAT...." I argued. "I swear on Alice's grave..." "Alice died?" "Long story...but yes I swear on her grave." I nodded. "None of us die?" "right..." I nodded. "Oh and heres the tell anyone about me living on this floor, consider each and every one of you dead in your beds tomorrow morning, or whatever morning..." In nodded again. "now go...I need them...." He kicked my butt a little. That's when I noticed the long grey and blue tail coming out of his blue jeans. I stepped into the elevator. "get her panties..." I thought "This should be fun..."


LE MAGICAL TIME SKIP TO DA MORNING PROVIDED BY GAMZEE MAKARA AND HIS MOTHAFUCKIN MIRACLEZ!!!!!...................... :o) HONK..............JK its provided by the one and only ben the bae XD



Ben's pov


I woke up in the morning with my arms around y/ns tiny adorable body. She was curled into my chest. And every once and a while she would let out a whimper. I snuggled her back. I kissed her all over until her eyes fluttered open. "Ben what is it?" She asked in her morning voice that nearly melted me. "I love you..." I humped her leg. Just to bother her. "Ben off!!!!!" She pushed my arm but I continued humping her leg. This was my strategy to get her lazy ass to wake up. "Ben your being completely inappropriate stop!!!!" I humped her leg faster. "Take a ride on my disco stick!!!!" I smirked. Lady gaga and her amazing works. "FUCK YOU!!!!" "gladly go ahead!!!!" She got up to grab a glass off the night stand to chuck at me. "It worked!!!!" I danced on the bed In my glory. "What???" "Your lazy ass is off my bed!!!!" "You little punk...and to think I was actually going to take the disco stick..." She sighed painfully. I felt my heart beat faster and my ears twitch and I felt myself get higher. She laughed histarically. "Payback is a bitch!!!!!" She shouted at me.  "FUCK YOU!!!!" "gladly!!!!" She responded. I fell on my bed. "Morning se* is to much work and im to lazy so lady go get me food..." She laughed. She lay next to me and said "Morning food gathering is to much work so ben get me food...." I groaned. "Stop using my own works against me..." She lay on top of me and kissed my nose. "Want some waffles, I will make some special chocolate chip ones for you" she kissed my nose. "baby I love you so much right treat me damn right...." I squeezed her and gave her another passionate kiss. "You bet I do..." She kissed my nose then got up. "I wont be long!!!!" She shouted leaving the room to go make my food. I loved that girl so much......not even chocolate chip waffles could describe it.....









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