Ice Arrows and Squirtable Cheese

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Chapter 44

Nothing happened.

People looked around the room and then back at Percy. Elsa didn't seemed the least bit worried. She smirked.

"Yes," she said, "You are right, because you can do nothing." Percy never looked away from her.

He could feel his blood rushing through him. He felt the water that covered every pore of his body. Percy felt every drop of water that had fallen from his body to the floor, all the way to his bedroom. He could feel the blood running through each of those present.

"Wrong," Percy said. She placed her hands on her hips and scoffed.

"Guards, make the prisoner kneel," Elsa said.

The guards came forward to grab him. But Percy was faster. He had riptide out in seconds. As it grew into a bronze sword the guards stumbled back in surprise. Percy licked his already wet lips. He was not surprised that his footing and hold on his sword were completely unaffected by the water on him and the floor.

There were four guards that came at him, each of them armed with swords. Percy zoned out the screams and fearful voices all around him from the spectators and focused on his opponents. The first man attacked and Percy was unleashed.

The guard stroke at his shoulder, but Percy ducked and rolled under the blade then slammed the guard on the back with his pummel. The guard stumbled forward and fell onto the floor from the force of Percy's strike. The next guard came and Percy deflected the weak strike before quickly disarming the guard. The guard was so stunned that his blade was gone that Percy kicked him in the chest, sending him sliding on the floor to the other side of the room.

In the back of Percy's mind he could feel water coming into the room from under the doors. The court began fleeing the room, but most of the armed men stayed. Percy gritted his teeth and saw that the two other guards were coming at him at the same time. The first one was getting back up as well. The second one was crawling towards his sword where Percy had tossed it.

He took a deep breath. He had three assailants, soon to be four. He had one sword and a whole lot of water on the floor.

Percy took a deep breath and then began.

Percy parried a blow and then turned to slam the flat of his blade into the face of one of the other guards. Then he parried and blocked all of the hits sent his way. Then he performed a complex set of moves that he had practiced until he could do them second nature that was for having three assailments. He felt his energy increase. He was flying through the moves. The guards couldn't keep up with his flailing arms.

Percy had all four of the guards knocked out on the ground in under a minute. Not a single of them had any cut wounds. As mortals, the blade couldn't harm them.

The water was two inches high in the main part of the aisle. Percy did a quick scan for any more opponents before turning to look at the queen.

"Very impressive," she said, "you even managed not to kill a single one of them." She said without any real emotion.

"Give me the necklace," Percy demanded, his sword still at the ready.

"Don't make me laugh," Elsa replied without any amusement.

"Fine," Percy said without losing eye contact, "Kristoff, get the civilians out of here!" Percy ran forward to grab the necklace, water rose from the floor and-

Percy felt the freezing cold punch of ice only seconds before he flew thirty feet backward. Percy hit one of the pillars before he hit the floor. The temperature dropped instantly. Percy could feel fear and awe in the room.

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