Chapter 8: Enemy Territory

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When I got home from school, it was already 5 because I was stalling my way home. Mom was trying to decide what outfit to wear for tonight's dinner. I told her that it wasn't a big deal and she could wear sweatpants for all I care because that was exactly what I planned on wearing.

"Where do you think we should order from? The food from this restaurant is really good, do you think Yongguk will like food from here?" Mom was looking online for menus and I insisted that I could just make ramen-she was making too big a deal of this dinner.

My phone started ringing and I saw Yongguk's name appear on the screen, "Hello?"

"Hey, are you and your mom already dressed?" That was a weird question to call me up for. I looked over at my mom who was already dressed in a red peplum skirt and a white blouse. I still haven't changed out of my school uniform.

"Um yeah...why?"

"I'm actually outside of your house right now." Right when Yongguk said that, I heard the doorbell ring.

"Mom, Yongguk said he's already outside." When I told mom this, she started panicking because she hasn't even prepared anything for dinner yet. I tried calming her down and we both went downstairs to answer the door.

When I opened the door, I looked up and down at Yongguk who has already changed out of his school uniform. He was wearing khaki pants, a casual blazer, and a plain black t-shirt underneath.

"Hello Mrs. Song, I hope you don't mind, but I actually have something else planned for our dinner tonight." Yongguk greeted my mom and stepped aside, pointing to his car parked in front of our house.

"I thought we were just having dinner here?" I said to Yongguk, still confused as to what was going on. I looked over at mom who was already making her way to Yongguk's car. So I guess we're not having ramen tonight...

"Where are we going?" I asked, sitting in the passenger's seat. Another thing I didn't know about Yongguk was that he could drive and that he had his own car. Our classmates usually don't drive since we all live so close to the school.

"We're having dinner at my house," Yongguk said calmly.

"Oh, at your house? Would that be too much trouble having us there?" Mom spoke up from the backseat.

"Not at all. I also wanted to introduce both of you to my parents." My head snapped to Yongguk once he said that. I looked to the back seat and saw that mom was preoccupied with taking pictures of the car-she's probably going to send them to Lim and brag about how Yongguk can drive while Dahee's boyfriend most likely can't.

"Wait why are you taking us to meet your parents??" I whispered to Yongguk.

"Because, when two people start going out, it's appropriate for the parents to know. I have already met your mother, but you haven't met my parents yet."

"What are you talking about? This is not real!" I said in a loud whisper.


We pulled up to Yongguk's house and it looked like your average house. He got out and walked around the car to open the door for me. He then continued to open the door for mom which made her completely swoon and praise him for being such a gentleman.

Yongguk linked his arm with mine and we started walking towards his house. This act was a bit much.

"Mom! Dad! I'm back." Once Yongguk called out, his parents came down the stairs and greeted us with smiling faces.

"We're so happy to finally meet you Jieun, Yongguk has talked about you a couple of times." Yongguk's mom shook my hand and I raised my eyebrows. I only told Yongguk about being my pretend boyfriend this morning. How did he inform his parents so fast?

"Oh really? Well...I hope they're all good things?" I said in reply.

"Of course. Since the beginning of the school year, he would mention the only girl in the class and how pretty she is." Yongguk's dad said.

"Since the beginning of the school year?" My eyes flickered to Yongguk who was now looking embarrassed.

At the dinner table, Yongguk's parents and my mom got themselves acquainted with small chat and would occasionally bring Yongguk and I into the conversation. When Yongguk's mom asked how we became a couple, Yongguk already had an entire story for that. Apparently I had a thing for another classmate but Yongguk tried to convince me that he's the better choice. When he tried to confess to me, I was stubborn and said I didn't want to be his girlfriend (that part sounds pretty true). But then I realized that he's not such a bad guy and that I actually do like him (that part doesn't seem so believable to me though).

"My daughter is always so stubborn. I knew that she and Yongguk would be perfect for each other the moment I saw him." My mom butted in.

"She's funny when she's stubborn," Yongguk put his arm around me and kissed my cheek.

I widened my eyes and shoved him off, "Ew stop!" At that moment I realized my mistake and almost let my cover blow. I looked at our parents who were all confused. "Uhh I mean, don't do something like that in front of our parents..." I mumbled.

I heard Yongguk's dad laugh and face his son, "She's funny. She reminds me of your mom when we started dating."

"Oh Jieun, do you happen to be going to the school's camping trip? Yongguk told us about it." Mrs. Bang asked me.

"Umm well that all depends on my mom..." I looked over to my mom who still looked like she was thinking of her answer.

"Well if Yongguk is going to be there, then I'm sure he will look after Jieun well." Mom said.

Mission Accomplished.

After the dinner, Yongguk drove mom and I back to our house and mom said she'll be going in first to let me and him say our goodbyes """privately."""

"It's great that our parents support our relationship," Yongguk said.

"I think you kind of went overboard on this whole "playing the boyfriend" favor. Why did you introduce me to your parents?" I said once mom went inside the house.

"Well I was talking to Zelo and he was telling me about the kind of guys that you're into. The boring kind who are nice to their classmates and parents..."

"I don't think those kind of guys are boring," I defended my taste.

"I wanted to show you how I am with my parents. Maybe after today, I'll be a little closer to the type of guys that you like."

"Oh I see," I nodded my head. Despite how he acts at school, he was really respectful to his parents, "So you had your own little plan all a long."

"Now will you take me a little more seriously? You even heard it from my dad that I would talk to them about you-even though I really didn't want him to say that."

"Ummm," I made a face, but tried not making myself look too uncomfortable, "But we were only supposed to pretend for today. I-I didn't really plan for things to go too far..."

Yongguk just nodded and smiled, "Well I guess I'm just gonna have to try harder to convince you that I'm the better choice."

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