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Does my story need to be written in 2023?
How many parts does my story need to be?
Is there a minimum amount of words I need in order to enter?

This year, eligibility is dependent on whether your story is Complete (a category for all languages), or Ongoing (a category for English submissions only). Your story does not have to be written this year to be eligible.

For Complete stories, the first part of your story must have been posted to Wattpad on or after January 1st, 2021 to be eligible. You can finish it at any time before you submit your story. Your story must contain 50,000 words or more if written in English and must be marked as complete when submitted. Your story must be 40,000 words or more and marked as complete if written in Filipino, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or Turkish.

For Ongoing stories, your story needs to have existed on the Wattpad platform from at least June 19, 2023 to be eligible. Stories need to have been updated 8 out of the past 10 weeks since it was first posted at the time of submission. We define posting once a week as posting at least once between Monday to Sunday before 11:59 PM UTC. The story needs to have received an update in at least 80% of the weeks between the date you submit the Entry and the date on which the Shortlisted Entries are announced. Story updates are recognized as being 500+ words each time. You must maintain this posting cadence until the shortlist is announced or your story will be disqualified. Your story must contain 20,000 words or more and must NOT be marked as complete.

Submissions can have as many (or as few) parts as needed to tell the story.

Can I continue editing my story after I've submitted it?
If you are submitting a Complete story, your story must be marked as complete on Wattpad at the time of submission and must not be edited post-submission.

If you are submitting an Ongoing story, updating is required after submission to maintain the appropriate posting cadence but you cannot go back and change what you have already submitted. Please note that making changes to previously-submitted story parts will result in disqualification.

Does my story have to be exclusively available on Wattpad when I submit it to the Wattys?
When you submit your story it does not need to be exclusively on Wattpad. However, if your story is selected for the shortlist or wins a Watty, then you will be required to remove your story from all other platforms for a period of time (see Official Rules for full details).
If, at the time of submission, you've published your story traditionally or through self-publishing, your story is ineligible for the 2023 Watty Awards. Patreon does not count as self-publishing.
If, at the time of submission, you've previously self-published or printed a copy of your story and given it out, but have since taken it down and control the rights, your story is eligible for the 2023 Watty Awards.
If your story wins a Watty, then the story must only be exclusively on Wattpad for a year after we announce the winners, meaning your story is not on any other digital platform. That said, you are allowed to traditionally publish or self-publish physical copies of your book within this time period as long as you sign any agreements to do so AFTER the 2023 Wattys Awards have been announced.

Can I submit:
A. More than one story?
You are welcome to submit more than one eligible story to the Wattys, but please note that only one story per creator can win in a given year.
B. If I've won a Watty in the past?
Of course! We welcome previous Wattys Winners to submit a story that hasn't won a Watty before to the current Wattys season—all eligible stories are welcome! However, previous Winners aren't given priority; it's an equal playing field for all.
C. A story that has already won a Watty?
To encourage and support new writers on the platform, stories that have previously won a Watty are ineligible to enter.
D. A story I co-wrote with another writer?
Group or collaborative stories are eligible for The Watty Awards. However, the award itself will only be presented to the account the story was originally published on.
E. A mature story?
Yes. Remember: stories must abide by our content guidelines.
F. A comic or graphic novel?
No. Your story can contain images and media, similar to what can be seen in a light novel, but comics and graphic novels won't be part of this year's Wattys.
G. The same story I entered last year?
Yes, if your story satisfies our eligibility requirements and so long as this story did not win.
H. A story written in more than one language?
Yes. For example, if your story is written primarily in German, but sentences and minor conversations are had in Spanish, this is acceptable. Remember to submit your story in the language that it is primarily written in.
I. A translation of a story someone else wrote?
No. Your story must be your own.

Why have award categories been discontinued this year?
This year, stories will be assessed and awarded based on a system that does not separate Winners by genre. While we will still be requiring genre declarations on the submission form, stories will not be awarded prizes per 'award categories' as has been the case in previous years. The prizing structure has changed, and therefore, a genre-based system for awards no longer aligns with this direction.

Why are fanfiction stories no longer accepted in the Wattys this year?
Since fanfiction stories are not original works and therefore the rights do not belong to the author, we are unable to provide these stories with meaningful and monetizable opportunities through the Wattys at this time.

What is the difference between Primary and Subsequent Genre selection on the submission form?
Primary genre selection is used to help us identify the genre you feel BEST describes your story. Subsequent genre selection is used to help us identify any additional genres your story may also be categorized under. Note that subsequent genre selection is not required, but available to those whose stories may transcend multiple genres.

Why do complete stories have to be 50,000 and 40,000 words?
While the definition varies, in English, we're considering 50,000 words as the minimum for a story to be novel-length. For other languages eligible in the Wattys, we consider 40,000 words as the minimum to be novel-length, based on market standards.

Can we submit short stories? What about alternative storytelling?
We're making a specific choice in pursuing novels and ongoing stories with this year's Wattys. This means, unfortunately, alternative storytelling and shorter formats will not be included in the contest this year. This includes the Wattys Shorts, which will not be happening this year.

How will word count be calculated?
It will be calculated via the Wattpad platform. You can see your word count using the web version of Wattpad on each part.

Is there an upper word count limit?
No. Wattpad only allows a story to have a maximum of 200 parts though, so you could not exceed that part count. There can be as many words as you can fit in 200 parts.

Are sequels/series eligible?
Yes, sequels or stories written in a series are eligible, but in the English language ONLY.

Can an entire series be posted under one book and still enter?
Yes. If you have a single story on Wattpad that is multiple stories (typically duologies), it can be submitted. However, its eligibility will be evaluated on its initial publication date and on the length of the first story. Only the first story will be judged and awarded if it wins.

If I don't finish my book this year, will I be eligible for next year?
The Wattys always evolve in some way year after year. We would like to commit to consistency moving forward, meaning stories will be eligible so long as they were posted within two years prior to the Wattys (so Wattys 2024 will mean stories posted in 2022 and onward). However, we cannot guarantee that the rules or eligibility will be identical next year.

Can my novel include poetry in it or is that ineligible?
Stories submitted to the Wattys may include poetry in some scenes, interludes or openings, but we will not be accepting collections of poems this year.

My language isn't included. Can I still enter?
While the Watty Awards are committed to celebrating the best in storytelling around the globe, we're also committed to creating the best awards experience possible, which means we aren't yet able to review submissions in every language. If your language isn't included, your story won't be eligible to win. We're hard at work to expand our reach for future editions of the Wattys to showcase as many amazing stories as we can. With that in mind, we're happy to accept submissions in the following languages:


Please be sure the language you are submitting in has been selected in your settings before submitting your form.

Can I participate in other contests too?
Yes. Participating in the Wattys doesn't preclude you from entering other Wattpad contests and activities.

How old do I need to be to enter the Wattys?
Wattpadders must be 13 years old or older. If you're under 18 years old, your parent or legal guardian must consent both to you entering the contest and to collect any prizes that you might win.

Why are Paid Stories eligible for the Wattys?
We want to represent strong diverse stories across the platform and some of those stories are also Paid.

​​Why are Ongoing Stories Only Accepted in the English Language this year?
In English, we are shifting our focus to ongoing, serialized stories, which is why we've reflected this change in the Wattys. We are not currently focusing on ongoing stories in languages other than English, which is why we are keeping the other Wattys languages as complete stories only this year.


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