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Entry is simple! Visit the Story Details page of the story you wish to enter. If your story is eligible, you'll be prompted to complete a submission form. Once complete, you'll receive confirmation that your story has been submitted. The Story Details page is where you input a story's description, title, language and so on.

Award Language:

Here you will be shown which language you are submitting your story in. This is based on the language you've declared your story to be on the 'Story Details' page of your unique story.
If your story is written in multiple languages, ensure your story is entered under the language of the majority of the story. Stories that do not fit under the English, Filipino, French, Indonesian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, or Turkish languages will not be eligible for consideration.

Stories that have been translated into other languages are not eligible - you may only submit your story under a single language.

Ongoing or Complete Story Declaration [English only]:

Here you will be shown if your story is being submitted to 'Ongoing' or 'Complete' based on your declaration on the 'Story Details' page of your story. For more information on what constitutes an Ongoing or Complete story, please refer to the Eligibility Chapter.

Series Identification Questions [English only]:

This series of questions will ask you to declare if your story is part of a series, and if it is a sequel.

Ongoing Story Length [English only]:

This question is only relevant to those submitting to the Ongoing Story category in English. This is where you will declare how long you plan to make your story or series.

Character Representation [English only]:

This question helps us determine which identities may be represented in your story. Please only answer based on the identities of the main characters in your story.

This question is entirely optional and does not impact your ability to win a Watty. We are always looking for stories with great representation - answering these questions will help us better identify stories with great representation for future opportunities outside the Watty Awards. We do not collect information about writer identity.

For more information on character representation, please see the definitions of each option listed below:

"The collective term for referring to non-White racial groups. While "people of colour" can be a politically useful term, and describes people with their own attributes (as opposed to what they are not, e.g., "non-White"), it is also important whenever possible to identify people through their own racial/ethnic group, as each has its own distinct experience and meaning and may be more appropriate."

"Acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirit. The Q generally stands for queer when LGBTQ2+ organizations, leaders, and media use the acronym. In settings offering support for youth, it can also stand for questioning. LGBT and LGBTQ2+ are also used, with the + added in recognition of all non-straight, non-cisgender identities."

Marginalized religion
Religious faiths that differ from the majority religion of that location.
"The systematic subordination of minority religious groups, such as Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Native American spiritualities, and those who are atheists, agnostics, or freethinkers. The subordination of non-Christian religions occurs at all levels of society through the actions of individuals (religious prejudice), institutional policies and practices (religious discrimination), and cultural and societal norms and values associated with Christianity."

"Variations in the brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood, and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense. Developmental and psychiatric disabilities often fall under this umbrella"
EX: ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, etc

Living with a disability
"​​Describe functional limitations that affect one or more of the major life activities, including walking, lifting, learning and breathing."

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