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If a story is eligible for entry, an eligibility banner will populate on the 'Story Details' page associated with that story and will remain there for the entirety of the submission window. This year, in English only, we have added an additional eligibility category: Ongoing Stories (see criteria below). In order to be eligible to submit and win a Watty Award, you and your story/stories must abide by the following eligibility criteria:


You must be at least 13 years of age or older. Winners under 18 years of age must have permission from a parent or legal guardian in order to enter and collect any prizes. Please ensure that you have added your birthdate to your Wattpad account to confirm your age, otherwise, you will not receive an eligibility banner on your story.


You must own and control all of the rights to your story for your story (i.e. you can't submit a plagiarized story or a story where you have sold rights to someone else or anything else that means you don't control all the rights to your story) to be eligible to enter the Wattys and potentially win a Watty Award.


Complete stories are completed novels with a clear beginning, middle and end, and meet the following criteria:

Your story must contain 50,000 words or more if written in English and must be marked as complete when submitted. Your story must be 40,000 words or more and marked as complete if written in Filipino, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, or Turkish.

The first part of your story must have been posted to Wattpad on or after January 1st, 2021. You can finish it at any time before you submit your story.

SEQUELS [English Only]
In English, sequels are eligible but must be able to be assessed as a stand-alone story. Sequels are not eligible in any other languages. If a sequel is submitted in a language other than English, the sequel will be disqualified. 

FOR ONGOING STORIES [New for 2023, English Only]:

New this year, ongoing stories are stories that are not yet complete and will intentionally continue for a long time to come. In order to be eligible, these stories must meet the following criteria:

Your story must contain 20,000 words or more and must NOT be marked as complete when submitted.

Your story needs to have existed on the Wattpad platform from at least June 19, 2023. Stories need to have been updated 8 out of the past 10 weeks at the time of submission[Please disregard previous communication indicating "Stories need to have been updated 8 out of the past 10 weeks, or 80% of the weeks at the time of submission]. Story updates are recognized as being 500+ words each time. You must maintain this posting cadence until the shortlist is announced or your story will be disqualified.  The story needs to have received an update in at least 80% of the weeks between the date you submit the Entry and the date on which the Shortlisted Entries are announced. 


You must complete a submission form along with your entry in order to be eligible. Confirm all the information you declare on your form and ensure accuracy before submitting as you will be unable to modify your responses after submitting them.

You are welcome to submit more than one eligible story to the Wattys, but please note that only one story per creator can win per year.

Past Watty Winners are welcome to submit a story to the Wattys, but may not enter a story that has won a Watty previously. Stories that have been shortlisted for the Wattys (but have not won) may be submitted so long as they meet all eligibility criteria.

Please note that this is the last year that you will be able to submit a previously submitted Complete story to The Wattys. Starting in 2024, we will only be accepting submissions once. Ongoing stories (English only) can be submitted once annually, at this time.


Your story must be written in one of the following languages:

a. English
b. Filipino
c. French
d. Indonesian
e. Italian
f. German
g. Portuguese
h. Spanish
i. Turkish

The Wattys accept submissions worldwide, where such contests are allowed by law. 


This year, stories will be assessed and awarded based on a system that does not separate Winners by genre. While we will still require genre declarations on the submission form, stories will not be awarded prizes per 'award categories' as has been the case in previous years. For more information on this year's prizing structure please see our 'Prizing' chapter.

This year, the Wattys will accept submissions in the following genres:

Action & Thriller
Social Themes
Mystery & Detective
Race, Culture & Religion
Science Fiction

For more information on the genre options, please see our 'How to Submit' chapter.

While FanFiction will always have a home on Wattpad, The Wattys are seeking original stories with original characters, and will not be accepting FanFiction submissions in any language this year. We will also not accept poetry, short story collections, random, nonfiction, or classics.

Wattpad wants to make it clear that any story you submit to the Wattys remains 100% yours. We get only the rights outlined in the "Legal Stuff" chapter. Be sure to check it out!

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