Chapter 1

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The boys arrived at the stadium two hours later. Louis and Harry had decided to hide in their little room at the back of the bus, opening one of the windows to get the stench of sex and sweat. When they actually showed their faces, they had gotten backstage at the stadium. "HARRY. LOUIS!" Liam shouted. They both froze as Liam and Niall ran towards them with shock on their faces.

"What?" They said at the same time. Liam held up his phone, showing a picture of Louis looking straight into the camera with Harry' eyes peeking above the window of the bus in what looked like a very compromising position. It was so obviously them that no matter how much management tried clearing it up, it would still be seen as Louis and Harry.

"How? What?" Harry gasped,covering his face in embarrassment. Harry could cope with hate but he always got affected by being embarrassed. He tried playing it off like it was cool but when in his own company, he would bawl on the floor of the hotel he was staying at or in his LA home.

The boys knew this from the time he threw up on the side of the road and the pictures were everywhere. Liam had found him sat on the floor of his living room. The three lads looked at Harry who was taking deep breaths to compose himself.

"Management will do something" Niall said dumbly.

"Yeah they will. We will be unemployed by tomorrow morning" Louis groaned and threw his water bottle at the wall opposite him. Harry whined and began to walk away from them. Niall went to follow him but Louis was already on his way towards him.

He knelt down by the bin that Harry was cowering next to. "Come on, Harold. If we get fired then we will have another record label buy us. Being the worlds biggest boy band, I'm sure we will have labels waiting in line to buy us" Louis said, rubbing up and down Harry's shoulder.

Harry took his hands from his face and shrugged Louis' hand away. "No, thats not what I'm worried about. I'm worried about Beth seeing the pictures, I'm worried about losing fans, I'm worried about what other bands and celebs are thinking. Louis, no one wants a band where half if the boys are homosexuals." Harry spat sourly.

"I know."

"No! I am embarrassed. The closest anyone can possibly be has fucking been broadcasted worldwide. We aren't even fucking together and that picture is going to edge the Larry supporters on. Lets just drop this deal. Don't talk to me right now" Harry argued.

"What? No! Harry you can't do that!" Louis shouted. Harry winced.

"Yes I can! This stupid little mistake can and most likely has ruined our career" Harry bellowed, making Louis cower slightly. Harry stood up and walked away, obviously fuming from the situation. Louis sighed then went to stand up.

They all did sound check. Harry and Louis were so far apart the whole time. Harry blamed Louis for their mistake and Louis blamed Harry which made them think they hated each other.

Louis ran off the stage after sound check and saw that he had calls from his mum, Eleanor, management and Lottie. Zayn was in the list too but Louis still had this kind of hatred towards Zayn for leaving the band and getting involved into his last twitter feud.

Louis called management first, knowing that will all the people he had missed calls from would give him an earful. "Louis! Glad you called. Richard and I are flying to Italy to figure out this whole thing that you and Harry have landed yourself into." George told him. Louis frowned.

"We aren't in trouble?" Louis asked and brought his fingers to his mouth to bite his nails. A bad habit.

Louis listened to George chuckle. "We thought of another way that this incident can help you gain more fame and more money for u- yeah, um. More fame" George said. Louis' eyebrows shot up.

"What do I say if Eleanor calls or my mum?" Louis asked.

"That it was a publicity stunt" and with that, George hung up, leaving Louis stood with his jaw dropped and his phone about to slip from his hands.


"Going out tonight..." Liam started singing, the fans singing along with him as Louis drifted off into deep thought. A publicity stunt? What did management have planned and what would happen to him and Eleanor? He thought his feelings for her were fading but it just seemed to be his sexual frustration because now he was missing Eleanor more than ever.

Louis glared over at Harry who was now singing into his microphone. He wondered how he felt about Bethany as he only saw her if he went home or she managed to get time off from her work.

Louis was thinking so hard that he almost missed his solo, he got through it though. His voice shaky from his nerves, it wasn't his best solo and he knew that which made him feel miserable. He knew his voice wasn't as strong as Niall's, Liam's and Harry's. He criticised himself too hard most of the time but one thing he was unaware of was just how much his fans loved his voice.

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