The orphanage

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"EMILY LACIE GET YOU BUTTS DOWN HERE PEOPLE ARE ADOPTING!" Nanny Betty said and yen whispered "not like they want you though" I just rolled my eyes and looked at Lacie and laughed oh yeah hi at my names Emily my parents left me at the doorstep of a random persons house and then they got into and accident and died so yeah I'm now here in this hell hole and I have a friend named Lacie we are what you would call 'the Rebels' who no one wants to adopt Lacie's parents gave up on her and left her with her older and younger brothers who left too so here she is. We were walking down stairs when Betty says that they chose already I just laughed and high fived Lacie while laughing "looks like we were too amazingly terrible for them!" I say while running upstairs and plopping down on the bed saying "let's see who adopts us the "rebels"

Heyyyyyy ok so I know this sucks so far but yeah it will get better I promise thanks for reading E. Author

The_Jauregui_Feels is Lacie so yeah read her stories

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