Tea On The Veranda

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As the Mississippi river flows fast and free,

We sit on the veranda at Oak Alley,

Our plantation house so splendidly grand,

Watching the sun set over an enchanting land.

A lifetime and more we've looked over these views,

Admiring the beauty of surrounding bayous,

Now as we sit having afternoon tea,

There really is no other place to be.

And as I gaze upon your radiant glow,

My heart beats faster I'm sure you know,

For the look in your eyes sparkles bright,

Like illuminating stars in the misty night.

Our love has grown from the moment we met,

And our lives entwined and our futures set,

Living in this plantation house that we built,

With some blood, some sweat and many tears spilt.

Hundreds of years gone and our love holds strong,

Sat here on our veranda where we belong,

Amongst the living who are now our hosts,

They pass us by as if we were ghosts.

© A S May 2015

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