Letter 1: Dear Mum, Dad

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Dear Mum, Dad

I'm sorry I had to do this, that I had to leave you's so soon without a proper goodbye, but nothing was going right for me, I stayed at school for you's to makes you's proud but that wasn't good enough, nothing was I liked someone, someone I knew you's would never approve of, I tried so hard to impress you's and make you's proud, but all I achieved in doing was making you's disappointed in me.

I was never good enough, not for him and not for you's, wipe those tears away mum, because I don't deserve them, and dad be strong for mum, just remember I'm looking down on you's, I'll be with nan now up in heaven being you guardian angel, I'll be watching Brayden and Exavier grow up from here.

I'm waiting for the day I get to see you's again, hopefully you will not be so disappointed in me this time, I'm hoping that I will have changed enough so you's will be proud to call me your daughter. I love you mum and dad, give my brothers a big kiss for me and tell them that I love them.

I'm sorry I left you's but its for the best, I'll see you's again one day, just hopefully not to soon...



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