Chapter 5.

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Michelle's POV

Finally the bell rang. I quickly got my things and ran out of class. The reason I ran is because the same boy that was staring at me during lunch was in this class. He was staring at me the whole time. I was uncomfortable. I think his name is Noah. I went to my car and got in it. I turned the engine on and left.

I parked my car and got off locking it. I opened my door and see Luke and the rest throwing food and some were yelling at the tv. I slammed the door but they didn't hear it. I quietly went to my room and put my things down. I quietly went back downstairs and went to the front door. I opened the door and slammed it again. Nothing.

"HEY! KNOCK IT OFF! I JUST CAME FROM COLLAGE AND I AM SEEING THIS! CLEAN THIS SHIT UP BEFORE MY MOM SEES THIS!" I yelled. Everyone stopped and looked at me. I gave them glares which scared them and they started cleaning.

"Now when I get back from doing homework i better see the kitchen and living room clean. Clean!" I said. They all nodded and I went upstairs. I got my homework out and started doing it.

While I was doing my homework I heard a beep. I looked at my phone and see I have an message from an unknown number. I opened it and read it.

Unknown number: Hey beautiful. What's up? You looked beautiful today. I love your style.

I ignored the person. Well by seeing the message I can tell it's a guy. I put my phone down and continued with my homework. When I was done I put my homework away and got my phone. I went downstairs and saw everyone sitting on the couch. I looked at the kitchen and it was clean. My phone beeped again and I ignored it.

I felt arms around my waist.

"How was school?" A voice asked.

"Well I told you. It was good but the same boy was staring at me the whole time in class." I said.

"I can beat the shit out of him." He said.

"Luke. Don't." I said sternly.

"Okay. I won't. But I don't like it when people are staring at my beautiful fiancé." He said.

"I know. But it's not right to just beat people up." I said. Luke nodded and my phone beeped again.

"Who is texting you?" Luke asked.

"I don't know. Some unknown number keeps texting me." I said.

"Your not cheating on me are you?" Luke asked. I shook my head.

"Why are you saying this? Do you not trust me? I would never cheat on you. Never. I mean it. Nobody is as perfect as you. I love you." I said.

"I'm just curious. I do trust you. I love you too." Luke said. I opened the message and showed Luke. Luke read all of them out loud.

"Hey beautiful. What's up? You look beautiful today. I love your style. Now come on. Why are you ignoring me? Talk to me. I know you like me just as much as I like you." Luke read.

"Do you like this person?" Luke asked. I shook my head.

"I don't even know this person. I don't like anyone except for you." I said. Luke smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

"Now who is this person?" I asked. Luke shrugged.

"It has to be someone from collage. Obviously." Luke said. I nodded then it came to me. I know who it might be. I know. It has to be this person.

"I think I know." I said.

"Who?" Luke asked.

"That kid who keeps staring at me. The one I told you about in lunch. I think his name is Noah." I said.

"Noah?" Luke asked. I nodded.

"Noah? What's his last name?" Luke asked.

"I think it's Fernandez." I said. I was so confused. Did Luke know Noah?

"Fernandez?" Luke asked.


Luke's POV

Noah Fernandez. My cousin. Noah is hitting on my fiancé. MY fiancé.

"What's wrong?" Michelle asked.

"Noah Fernandez is my cousin." I said.

"What?! Your cousin is hitting on me?!" Michelle yelled.

"Yes! I'm going to talk to this mother fucker. Nobody is going to hit on my fiancé." I said.

"Aren't you going to get in trouble?" Michelle asked.

"But my mom knows your my fiancé and so does my dad. So... No." I said.

"Fine but if you get grounded and can't come out of your house and get your phone taken away I told you so." she said. I chuckled and kissed her forehead before leaving to my house.

I got to my house and opened it. I saw that my aunt and uncle and two cousins are here. I saw Noah on his phone.

"Luke! Your here. Where were you?" My mom asked.

"I was at my fiancés house." I said.

"Wait does Michelle remember you?" She asked. I completely forgot to tell my mom Michelle remembers me.

"Yes she does." I said.

"That's great honey!" My mom said. I smiled and went to say hi to my aunt and uncle and two cousins.

"Hey Luke." Noah said. I gave him a glare.

"So Luke tell us about your fiancé. Your mom and dad have been telling us you have a fiancé." My aunt said. I smiled at the memory of the day I proposed to Michelle.

"Well her name is Michelle Ramirez. She is studying to be a special pediatrician. She is going to help kids with cancer. Very smart. Pretty. Michelle is the sweetest girl I've ever met. Michelle and I have everything in common. Same type of music. Same type of style. Michelle is always there for me. Very hard working. Michelle likes to keep everything cleaned. That's why my room is cleaned. She is perfect for me." I said. Noah looked at me with a glare.

"Wait. Noah didn't you tell us about a girl you liked. Her name was Michelle too right?" My uncle asked. Noah nodded.

"Well if you haven't noticed Noah is texting my fiancé. Noah is always staring at her in school. It's getting her uncomfortable. She told me today when she was in lunch. Michelle also showed me he texts he sent her." I said. My aunt and uncle looked at him and he looked down.

"Let me see your phone Noah." my uncle said.

"But dad. Luke is lying." Noah said.

"What's the last name of the girl you like? All we know is that her name is Michelle." my aunt said.

"Ramirez." Noah said.

"You are grounded and you are getting your phone taken away. Your hitting on Luke's fiancé." my uncle said.

"I'm really sorry this happened luke." my aunt said.

"It's okay. It's a good thing you guys know. I wouldn't want anything to happen to her." I said. They all smiled and my aunt and uncle left with Noah and Gabriella following. Noah gave me a glare while I smirked at him.

"Luke? Honey we need to tell you something." my mom said.

"What?" I asked. This got me worried.

"Well you see... Ben is in jail."

"Ben? As in my brother Ben?" I asked.

"Yes. He was caught doing drugs." my dad said.

"Not surprised. Ben actually got me involved something I didn't want to be involved. Ben should be in jail." I said.

"What?! When did this happen?" My mom asked.

"2 years ago."

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