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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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First I don’t own Adventure Time; this is purely a fan-fiction. Secondly, this is a Bubbline/Marcibel ship fanfic, so yes Yuri is involved…quite a lot of it actually. Lastly, this is my first time writing a fan-fiction so leave ratings and comments please. P.S: If you don't like smut or lemons don't read. 

Chapter 1 


PB lay on the floor enthralled in her newest research endeavor— "Vampirism in a Nutshell". She earnestly flipped the pages of the book attempting to absorb all of the knowledge it contained. It wasn’t like Bonnibel to look into such a distasteful topic, but then again she was curious, it was her trademark curiosity that caused her to hold such an interest. Her curiosity had been piqued indeed, and it all started when she began to spending copious amounts of time with Marceline. Marceline, the Vampire Queen, the name itself gave her an abrupt chill sending a shiver from the pit of her stomach down to between her thighs. She felt a pulling and tensing of muscles within her lower belly, she thought it distasteful that her body acted in such a manner at the thought of Marceline, but she would admit it she was completely intrigued with this vampire. Ironically the vampire was the sole reason for her research because she wanted to get closer to her, not in an intimate manner—though she didn't mind that—but a manner where the two could see eye to eye and be equal with one another.

PB looked over at the clock which read 12:45 AM. She stretched as a soft yawn passed her pink lips. It was getting late. She closed her book with a page-marker in place and set it down upon her desk—there'd be more time for research tomorrow. As she began her bedtime routine, she felt the room become eerily cooler. Not in temperature but in mysteriousness, as if someone was present who had not been present earlier. She looked around noting that nothing seemed different or looked out of place. She headed into the bathroom, turning on the shower and beginning to undress in front of a full length mirror. She removed her pink skirt and sweatshirt, revealing her taunt yet curvy figure clad in purple underwear.

She had never taken the time to appreciate her own body, but as she looked at herself in such a revealing state her reflection revealed an image of beauty and the suppleness that could appeal to anyone and make them absolutely lust driven. A thought came to her mind that before tonight she'd never actually considered—she’d never considered touching herself; but now she mulled over the thought. How distasteful she chided herself for thinking about such things. Despite her inhibitions her hand crept down to the swollen cleft between her legs. She cupped her throbbing sex through her panties and gasped as she felt how wet she was, her panties were soaked. She slowly crept the hand upwards and slid it into her panties and between massaging her swollen nether lips; while she did this her other hand worked her right breast, kneading and massaging it—it too then slipped under the cloth covering her body to tweak and pinch her nipple. A moan escaped her mouth as she watched herself in the mirror, her eyes were half shut and sated with lust and pleasure. She watched her fingers under the cloth as they moved between her lips rubbing the little nub that lay there. Another moan. This was so wrong but it was right. She loved how she was making herself feel. 

The she heard a loud, thud. The pink girl jumped obviously started and peered out the bathroom door into her room to see if anyone was in there. 

"Peppermint Butler?" she called out.

No answer.

She looked to her desk and noted that her book was now on the floor. It must have fallen off, she thought to herself. Bonnibel undressed and stepped into the shower and allowed the hot water and steam to drift her away from her consciousness and her thoughts, she reached a place of stillness and existence in her mind as she washed herself clean of the stresses of today.

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