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Dirk turns to Jake and looks into his eyes (with shades on). " So you don't know what sugoi is, and anime?" Jake nods "I've heard you mention it...but I don't know what it is sorry I disciplines you" Jake looks down. Feeling like he was a failure and Dirk didn't like him...then Dirk picked up his face smashing there lips together like fricking magnets. Jake pulled away for air (I'm writing a smut tonight on my other story :3) "I love you Jake why would I EVER be foo pointed in you?!!" Dirk hugged Jake again before darting up and saying "be right back, babe." Then Dirk winked the SEXIEST AND SUDUCTIVE wink ever in all mankind. "Yep, Yes I do mean 5 boxes of pizza, 3 sodas and bread sticks! no this is NOT A PRANK! I mean it and if my pizza is not here by 7:00...*slicing noises*" Dirk comes back into the room only with his katana and a BIG and when is say BIG I mean BIIIIIIG (like my DICK, XD I'm a girl) stack of rather complicating DVDs. some had Giants some has princess fairy, one even had a butler on it. And so the movie night begins....

I'll update SOON next chapter is smut maladoid_cerulean

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