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Hi guys! This is my first fanfic so please enjoy it! This story WILL contain swear words and sexual scenes, so if you don't like these types of stuff, I suggest you go back. If not, ENJOY! Oh and BTW I'm writing this on my phone so this chapter could be crappy. I'll try to make NO spellibg mistakes so yea.

!!!!!!IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!

When you are reading, you will probably see 2 quotation marks: ' or "

Just making things clear:

' is for when people actaully speak

" is for when people thinks/ its their thoughts

This font, or more like this font, is used for exaggerations or making a word stand out more. CAPITALS is going to be used for shouting/yelling etc. Lastly this font (the one I'm using now) is going to be used for notes. Well. That took long. Hope you enjoy the story. Bye!


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