The Stranger at the Party

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Warnings: mentions of drinking

Relationship status: getting together


Go to a party they said. It'll be fun they said.

Dan wondered around, his friend had just left him with this chick at the party. He's his only friend. Well, was. He doesn't wanna leave the party early without someone, that would be rude. But what could he do? He was a scrawny 17 year old in a party. Dan sighed and leaned against a nearby wall. He stood there for a few minutes thinking about life when a sudden voice interrupted him.

"Hey." Dan looked up to be met with a pair of the bluest of the blue eyes he has ever seen. They were electrifying. They were so blue you could go swimming in those eyes. "H-hey." He managed to utter. He was so distracted by those eyes, he didn't notice a line of tango was formed. "I'm Philip, but I prefer to be called Phil." He smiled. Dan just kept staring at him. He was gorgeous. "D-Daniel. But please just call me Dan." He said, stuttering slightly. "So, Dan, why are you all alone?" Phil asked. "M-my friend left with some chick." He widened his eyes slightly. "You?" "I lost my friends in the crowd, now I think they're really drunk." Dan laughed.

He looks so beautiful. His hair just goes perfectly with his eyes.

"Tell me about yourself." Phil chuckles. "Well, I'm 17, I'm bisexual, and I think I just fell in love with someone I met." Dan giggled. He hoped that giggle would cover up his worriedness that Phil would straight up reject him. "Well, I'm 21, I study at University of Manchester, I do YouTube, and I think I just fell in love too." Phil smirked. "What's a 21 year old doing at a party filled with teenagers?" He snorted. "Well, long story short, 18 year old friend invited me and other friends, lost him in the crowd too." He answered. "Who did you fall in love with anyways?" Dan asked, smirking. "Well, I'll give you 3 clues." Phil's pupils dilated. "1. He has beautiful brown eyes." Dan giggled. "2. He's beautiful." Phil moved as close as he can so Dan could feel him breathing. Dan blushed when he felt the hot air. "3. He is standing right in front of me." Phil gently placed his lips on his. Dan placed his hand on Phil's cheek, while Phil put his hands on Dan's hips.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Phil pulled away. "Wanna spend a night at my place?" Phil asked. "Sure. Just gotta tell mum I'm staying over at a 'friend's' house." Dan smirked and took out his phone and quickly texted his mum. "Let's go." Phil smiled.

His smile can make flowers grow oh god

The next day, Dan left Phil's house with messy, hobbit-hair, last night's wrinkled clothes, Phil's number in his phone's contacts, and a huge smile on his face.

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