Chapter 6 ~ Sexual

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Chapters going to be shorter so i can update the story faster ^.^ And soon i have summer break, so i'm going to have much time to write, i think. || Sandiessa

"Are you ready?" he whispers
seductively in her ear.

Sakura swallow hard and gasps a little when he grab her butt and pull her towards him so his erection pokes her stomach.

Sakura nood a little and lay her hands on his chest and his erection keeps touching her stomach as he starts to kiss her neck leaving marks all over her colorbones and neck and small gasps leaves Sakuras lips.
"I wanna..." Kakashi whispers slightly in her ear as his begins to move his hips so his erection rubs against her stomach.
"Sakura...can i...please.."he whimper a little and let out a little groan in her ear.
"N-not so know that i h-haven't.."she whispers nervously back as her hands draws over his shoulders and chest.
"I-i can't hold myself.." Kakashi says with a serious voice and roughly take his hands around her waist and pull her up around his hips.

"Kakashi!" She says and whimper with her legs and her eyes widen when he look up at her, his eyes filled with lust and determination, oh shit.
"I'm sorry, Sakura..." he says and rub his erection against her clit with his mouth open and reaching for her lips.
"You're just too gorgeous." he says seductively before he meet her lips roughly and thrust into her and take her wrist and pin her arms against the wall and kiss her hard.
"Slooow!" Sakura scream and strech her head back and tries to move her arms but his grasp are too strong, his member gave a hard trust into her and she groan loud and he rest inside her kissing her roughly.

"I'm sorry..." he whisper when take some breathe from their kisses and groan a little.

"Kakashi, please...take it slow" she whispers slighly when his member rest inside her and he looks into her green eyes moaning slighly.

"I'll try,'re so thight.." he says and let go of her wrists, and take his hands and grope her perky breasts and starts to move again, slowly.
She look up at the roof and bite her lip as some quiet moans slips out and she take her hands around his shoulders, the pain is vulnurable and it ache so much. He goes slow in again and she strech her head back more enduring the pain.
"Look at me." he says and take his hand on her chin so she's forced to look at him in the eyes, she swallow hard when he look at her with a tense glace with his manly body infront of her leaning with his shoulder over her going into her. Sakura breathe fast when he's it's gone all the way in and her mouth is wide open breathing hard to endure the pain.
"Does it hurt?" He says with his hands around her waist and moan a little when he look down at their bodies linked.
"I-it does..."she whisper and press her lips togheter, he look at her concerned and with a sad glance.
"I'm sorry, but i have too.."he says and he take a harder grasp around her body and pin her further up on the wall and harder press his lips onto hers and put his tounge in her mouth when he thrust into her hard and roughly. Sakura scream and breathe fast with his tounge in her mouth.
"F-fuck..." she whispers and roll her tounge with his. What am i doing? Is this real?


Short chapter i know.

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