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“ You're just a freak ”
“ Worthless piece of shit ”
“ Abomination ”
“ You disgust me ”

My parents were yelling at me again. Today I got late for my first lesson and the teacher gave me detention for that, so I had to sit in detention for an hour resulting in me not doing the dishes at time. They always do this. There are around 9-10 maids in this house but they always want me to do the house chores and when I don't, they yell at me. My parents continued yelling at me while my siblings were just sitting there enjoying the show with smirk on their faces. I was suddenly pulled out of my imagination with a harsh slap on my left cheek.

“What the fuck are you dreaming about? Are you even listening?” my mom said.

“Yes mom.” I replied.

“We are tired of you. You can't even do a simple thing. Make sure it won't happen next time otherwise you will be homeless.” My dad said.

I didn't have any energy to say anything so I just nodded my head and went upstairs in my room. It may look like too harsh to kick out someone just because they didn't wash the dishes but it's not because there are other reasons too.

My dad is the CEO of Park Industries and my mom is a model. Needless to say our Family is rich. They met when they were in highschool and fell in love with each other. They got married soon and had their first kid aka my brother Park Jimin. Everyone in my family hate me but he hate me more than everyone. When I turned 16, I was already 5'10 equal to his height and soon I grew even taller. That's when he changed. He used to call me names before but after that he started punching me every chance he got. I think it must have hurt his ego to be shorter than the freak. He would have took the CEO position till now but he need to get married first according to my father. So even at the age of 24, he is still waiting.

After my brother, my sister was born. She doesn't really bother me because according to her a freak like me is not worthy of her precious time. She is following mother's footsteps and persuing modeling. She also have a boyfriend and he is a jerk. He is just using her for money, her body and probably cheating on her but she don't know about it because she is blinded by love. Our parents are too busy to notice that and my brother doesn't even care. And even if I will tell her about him she will not believe me and kill me instead.

After her my brother was born. Apparently he was a premature baby and doctors told my parents that he died the moment he was born. A year later, I was born. They were so happy thinking I was a boy but their happiness was crushed the moment the docter told them I was intersex. After that everything changed. My parents used to take care of my siblings and give them all the love in the world. While I was left in the care of nannies. They had so many different types of toys, clothes, shoes. They got everything they wanted. On the other hand I used to get nothing.

As a kid I was confused why I was getting treated like that. Just like any other kid I was also scared of the dark and thunderstorms. My parents knew about it but they still used to force me to sleep alone in my room with lights off. Even when there were thunderstorms. I didn't know what to do. I used to cry until I fell asleep. Even in Christmas I used to just sit in the corner and watch my sibling unwrap thier uncountable gifts. When my siblings got sick my mom always took care of them and pampered them with kisses and lots of hugs. In my case I used to suffer for days without anyone even noticing. My babysitters used to take care of me before but it stopped when that incident happened with me.

At the age of 10, my 20 year old babysitter tried to seduce me. No one was there to save me and I remember being so scared. Fortunately, one of the maids saved me before anything happened. I thought at least after that my parents will give me some love and start caring about me but I was wrong. When the maid told them about it they didn't even asked me if I was okay and told me to stop overreacting over small things. That hurt.

After that I started taking care of myself but still from time to time I craved for parent's love. I always tried to do my best in everything. I wanted to make them proud. But they didn't care.

At school, I didn't wanted anyone to know about me being intersex so that I can make some friends there but luck wasn't on my side. On my first day of school, a girl saw my *cough* member and told everyone about me being a freak. After that no one even wanted to sit with me. It's like belonged nowhere.

My parents always told me that a person like me isn't worthy of anything in this world. There was always a lil bit of hope that one day someone will love me for me. But that hope was fading little by little. At this point I don't think someone will want to spend their life with me.

There were so many thoughts surrounding my head. But I knew better than that. If I didn't wanted to be late again I had to sleep on time. I got up and went to change in my pajama. I didn't had to appetite to eat anything so I just went in bathroom to brush my teeth. I stood up in front of mirror and sighed to myself after seeing the big wide handprint on my left cheek. I didn't know what I did to deserve this but I hope no one get treated like me. With that being the last thought in my mind I disappeared under the covers.

I hope it was good because I'm not fluent in English.
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