The Divergents

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Tris' POV
"That's your name." I glare at Tobias who's smirking at his own joke. "I'm serious Tobias. Are we sure that there are six?"
"Yeah, maybe even seven." I groan slightly. I feel so bad for those kids that are Divergent. Dauntless initiation really sucks for them. "Remind me who again?"
"Percy, Annabeth, Black Widow, Harry, River, Katniss and maybe Steve." I sigh and continue setting up for today's simulations. "So we look out for them?"
"Honey, it'll be fine. We can help them."
"Tris." I sigh and let Tobias engulf me in his arms. He kisses me gently. "I promise you everything will be okay." I nod but don't agree. Something tells me everything will be the opposite from okay.

"Calm down, Annabeth. Deep breaths." I sit next to a shaking and tearful Annabeth. "T-they were everywhere!" She cries. "And it's such a stupid fear!" I pull her into a hug. She's not the only one scared of spiders (not looking at Ron). Weird fear huh? When she calms down a bit I check her time. Crap. "Uh, Annabeth," I start slowly.
"How long do you think you were in there for?"
"Well, if you were to calculate it and add all the factors into account I'd say around seven minutes 28 seconds." I look at her, bewildered. What...? "Right, that was very accurate. Anyway, your wrong. It was four minutes 58 seconds." Shock slowly registers on her face. "W-what? That's almost a third less than everyone else!"
"Aren't you happy?" I ask, confused. Annabeth shakes her head no. "Of course not! I become a target AND it's not normal." As I log into the system to change her time I ask her one fatal question. "Annabeth, I won't tell anyone, but are you Divergent?"

Tobias' POV
As Tony leaves, still startled by his encounter with the 'death' of his friends, River enters. "Take a seat." I say as I prepare myself. I need to watch her. I take the syringe and walk over to her. "Ready?"
"Always sweetie." I brush off her commonly used nickname and insert the needle into her neck. She doesn't even wince. Alright, here goes nothing. I watch but don't really pay attention during the simulation. The only interesting thing is when she pulls a gun out of thin air. Yep, just like I thought. When she wakes River's breath is shaky but otherwise she's fine. Here goes nothing. "River, what were your test results?" I ask plainly as I clear the record. I see her glance the room for security cameras and see her hesitate when she finds one. "That's confidential."
I nod. She's smart at least. "Fine, I'm sorry for intruding." River nods as I walk over to her. I lean over as I walk her out and whisper in her ear, "If you're, let's say special, open the door. If you're downright confused I'll open it." We reach the door and immediately her hand goes to the handle. Just as I thought. Fear is evident in her eyes as she waits for my reaction. I nod. "You'll be okay. Need anything, you can trust me." I can tell she understands. River smiles gratefully at me as she leaves.

Tris' POV
As soon as we dismiss the initiates Tobias leads me to the corridor where there are no cameras. The one where he asked me about by divergency. We stand in silence for a moment, letting the darkness invade us. He breaks the silence. "How'd you go?"
"Good. Well, depending on how good is classified." He laughs at me. I look at him seriously. "We need to do something. Those kids are terrified. Annabeth, Harry and Steve are all pretty much confirmed."
"I know Tris. The same goes for Black Widow, River, Percy and Katniss. It's obvious though."
"Think about it. How smart Black Widow is for example. Or how selfless yet brave Steve is." I think about it honestly and it all clicks. I look up wide eyed at Tobias. "Oh my god." I whisper. He pulls me into a hug. "We'll help them. How about after training tomorrow. We can meet here maybe."
I shake my head. "Too risky and narrow here. Train tracks?"
"Or the actual train."
"Perfect. At nine?"
"Sounds like a plan." I laugh lightly before hugging Tobias once more. "I'm terrified. Is that normal?"
"Sure is. How do you think I felt about you?" When he says this my cheeks glow red and I'm suddenly glad for the somewhat darkness. Somehow he knows I'm blushing. He always does. Curse him. Tobias chuckles and gently kisses my lips. "Be prepared Prior. Tomorrow, everything will change."

On our way back we run into Uriah. "Trissy!"
"What's up Uriah?" Tobias asks as Uriah bounces up and down, literally. "It's that time of year!"
I raise an eyebrow. He sighs in defeat. "Really? Oh come on Prior. No one remembers."
"ZIP LINING!" He shrieks. I laugh as half of the Dauntless in the Pit stare at him like his a maniac. Tobias pales slightly so I kiss his cheek. "I'll see you at home, okay?" Relived, Tobias leaves us. "So, where the initiates at?"
"Seriously?" I ask him.
"Yep, come on! The train will go soon!" I laugh and jog next to Uriah. "So, who else is going?"
"The usual really. Lynn, Marlene, Zeke and some other regulars. I think Mar managed to convince Will and Christina to come." He replies.
His face turns glum. "No, not after she knew Zeke was coming. Trust me, I think Lynn's only going in hope that Zeke will die." I laugh but stop when his face remains serious. Oh. Finally we make it to the dorms. I turn to Uriah. "Um, I think it's best if I-"
"ATTENTION CHILDREN! GREETINGS, I AM SIR URIAH AND I'M GOING ON A QUEST. CARE TO JOIN ME?" I sigh as everyone looks at him in confusion. "Is he on drugs?" Tony asks, making some laugh. I shake my head and smile. "Nah, just crazy. Anyway we're going zip lining. Any takers?" In the end we set off with 12: Katniss, Black Widow, Tony, Steve, Percy, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, River, Annabeth and Clara. Hazel and Augustus want to, but I convince them to stay. I don't want them to get hurt further. "Let's go!" I laugh as everyone cheers and runs out, following Uriah to the train tracks. I'm the last to go. As I do, someone stops me. "Six." says a gruff voice. I turn before jumping. Draco and Johanna are right in my face. They smile at me, almost evilly. I shake that off. Obviously they're not 'evil'. Johanna smirks at me. "We'll come too."

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