Rememberance Day Poem

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As I lie there alone waiting for the end

I know time with my kids I will never get to spend

I cant do much but think about it gush,

The blood coming from the wound in my stomach

I want to live a long life but I know it wont happen

I only have minutes before it goes dark

And all I can hear is the cry of the lark

The pain is agonizing, I cant take it anymore

I don't have the strength to get off this mud covered floor

I know in just hours my grave will be covered with flowers

The beautiful blood coloured poppies I fear and those dreadful words I don't want to hear

The world starts to spin and it all goes dim

And the lights go out and all I want to do is shout in pain

But the one thing I hope is that I don't die in vain

The next thing I see is the light and the fight is no more

Now I feel free, like I am not a prisoner of war and the hurt is gone

As I look to the people below all I can see is my loved ones cry with love

For me it was the end of a painful fight,

but for my loved ones it was just the beginning

Although I miss my kids dearly I just wish I could've said goodbye

For now my free soul sours and flies just like the larks used to in the skies

I will always be with them in their hearts my fellow comrades who still are living in pain

For now I am dead with my head held high that my fellow comrades will not die

The words that haunted me 'till my dying day, he's dead and will never come back

It was hard to listen to the doctor say those words because for my family it just meant sorrow

It was so hard to leave them but I had no choice, it was my time to go and I hoped that they know

For me it is easier, no fear of getting shot and no terror of watching my friends die

Because in Flanders fields my body now lies under a grave stone that marks my departure

I am in a better place now

A place with no sadness no fear and no sorrow

But most sadly the fear of no tomorrow

My life was short but well lived serving for my country and doing what I did.

Poem by: Sporty218

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