Chapter 7: Another Favor

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At school on Monday, I didn't even know what to do with myself. I tried to mentally prepare for the whole class to make fun of me, Mr. Shin would have my back and give them all detention anyway...but that wasn't going to erase the fact that Yongguk and I kissed. I looked down the hallway and saw Himchan, Jongup, Youngjae, and Zelo enter the school together. They were sure to make a cunning remark once they see me.

Ok. They completely just walked past me without saying anything at all...If they weren't going to say anything to me in the hallway, they were probably going to make a big deal about it in the classroom. I mustered up my courage to make it to class before the bell rang. I took my seat without looking at anyone and prayed for Mr. Shin to come in here before any of the guys started making fun of me.

I touched the bottom of my lip, which caused my mouth to slightly part open. Ugh, I was tainted.

"Are you still thinking about our kiss?"

I moved my hand away from my mouth once I saw Yongguk in the seat right infront of me. My plan was to avoid him for the rest of the week, but that plan has already gone down the drain. I looked around to make sure if anyone was watching. All I saw was a careless glance from Jongup, but that was it. "D-did you..."

"Don't worry, princess," Yongguk pinched my cheek and slapped his hand away. "I didn't tell any of my friends about what happened."

"Y-you didn't??"

"Nope, I didn't. That's something that'll stay between you and me," He winked at me before moving to his own seat across the room.

Soon after, Mr. Shin walked into the class and announced that the annual overnight camping trip was coming soon. Everyone seemed really excited about it, and I had to admit I was excited too. It was a trip with everyone in our year so I would get to hang out with Nayeon. When Mr. Shin said that girls and boys would have to sleep in separate tents, the guys boo'ed unanimously and I rolled my eyes, recognizing that one of the voices I heard belonged to Yongguk.


When I got home, I showed my mom the permission slip for the camping trip because Mr. Shin said to get it signed as soon as possible.

"An overnight camping trip? What is this nonsense? Teenagers shouldn't be sent to spend a night together." Mom barely skimmed the permission slip before giving her answer.

"But there will be teachers there to look after us and the girls and boys have different tents."

"No no no. I'm not the kind of mother to let her teenage daughter spend the night away from home."

I gritted my teeth together. I knew that I was going to be the only person in our year who wouldn't be allowed to go. I was going to miss out on everything because of this woman. A lump in my throat formed as an idea came to mind, but wasn't sure if I should say it aloud.

"But...Yongguk is going. And we would have been able to spend a lot of time together on this trip..." I bit my lip, immediately regretting what I just said.

Mom's eyes widened and she clasped her hands together, "So are you and Yongguk actually a couple?"

"K-kind of..." Jieun stop right now! "We've only recently started going out." Oh my god why did I just say that.

"That's great! You know, when you two left for the party on Saturday, Lim was so jealous that you had a strong looking boyfriend. She said Dahee's boyfriend was scrawny and weak. Aww this camping trip would be the perfect way for you to get to know each other better. I can imagine how romantic it would be~"

"Uhhhh it's not going to be that romantic. Our teachers and our classmates are there too," I added.

"Jieun, tell Yongguk to come have dinner with us again. This time it'll be like one of those 'meet-the-parents' kind of dinners."

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