October 26, 2005


MOM: Alex call me.


MOM: Call me honey please.

Alex immediately slid her finger across the screen and held it up to her ear as she heard her mother's message.

"Alex, since I'm guessing you're still in school I'm gonna need you to do me a favor and not come home."


"I need you to stay with a friend, I'll try to get you when everything is done and Alex? I love you."

What the hell? thought Alex as her fingers danced across the screen and held the phone up to her ear again, waiting for her mom to answer only to be on the receiving end of an answering machine.

"Mom? is everything okay? Why can't I go home? Please call me back mom." She said as she hung up and shoved her little Nokia in her pocket. She ran down the wet pavement, barreling into strangers who were walking the opposite way.

She ran for about three more blocks before hearing sirens blaring. She stopped in her tracks as three police cars and an ambulance whipped passed her. Quickly, she grabbed her silver necklace and began to pray.

"Please don't turn left. Please don't turn left. Please don't turn left." Alex chanted like a mantra but unfortunately all four vehicles turned left.

She ran around the corner and it seemed as if time stopped for her. She watched as police officers placed the "Police Crime Scene. Do not Cross" tape from one end of steps to the other on the small blue colonial home.

Without thinking twice, she ran towards her house and pushed her way through the throng of people that surrounded the scene. One of the police officers tried to pull her back as Alex ducked under the police tape, but she managed to wriggle her way out of the officer's hold, running up the steps and into the house.

As she turned the knob on the front door and burst inside, she saw the unimaginable.Long brown hair splayed on the hardwood floor in a pool of blood under a white blanket.

Alex felt numb as she finally came to terms with reality. Her mother was the one laying under the white cover. "Mom?" She said with a shaky voice as tears began to form around her eyes. Medics whipped their heads around to the young girl and one of them shouted, "Hey! Somebody get her out of here now!" The last thing she could remember before passing out was a smell that would haunt her for the rest of her life. Sulfur.


*Alarm buzzes*

"Good Morning Kan-" A hand slams on the alarm clock, shutting off. Alex looked over at the alarm and read the time.


"Shit." She grunted as placed the clock on the table and plopped back down on the mattress, debating on whether or not she should get up.

She couldn't complain though. She was living the life. Traveling the country without a care in the world, hunting things that go bump in the night. Things that people would say, "You're crazy!" If she told anybody. After five minutes of staring up at the ceiling, Alex final sits up on the bed and yawns, stretching out her limbs and reaching for the motel remote control.

She pointed it at the television in front of her and turned it on, flipping channels until she came upon the local news station. She got up from the bed and grabbed a white fluffy towel that the maid had placed on the counter and headed into the bathroom.

She turned on the faucet and stripped off her clothes as she waited for the water to get warm. After she stepped into the small shower and let the water and the vapor engulf her, Alex's mind began to drift and started to think about the case she was working on.

Two people killed at Thunder Ridge high school. The school she went to before her mother died. After news broke about the first victim, a seventeen year old cheerleader who was found with her throat ripped out, Alex snuck into the coroner's office to see the body herself.

The second victim, a Latin teacher, was found outside of the classroom the next night, also with his throat ripped out. Seeing that it was definitely a case, Alex decided to go undercover.

She snapped out of her thoughts, realizing she was going to run late again. She cursed again as she finished showering, turned off the faucet and dashed out of the bathroom, quickly getting dressed in a navy blue dress, along with a lilac colored cardigan that made her look the part of the substitute Latin teacher of Thunder Ridge High. Alex hated dressing feminine and if given the chance, she would wear jeans, and flannel shirts.

*Thirty minutes Later*

After a jam-packed drive to the high school, Alex was greeted by the principal and vice-principal of the school. "Hello, Ms. Rose, I'm Principal Cooper and this is Vice Principal... Cooper. No relation." She said quickly as noticed Alex's eyebrow cocked up in amusement.

"Nice to meet the both of you and thank you so much giving me the opportunity of teaching here." She lied through a smile. "You look familiar. Weren't you a student here not too long ago?" asked Vice-principal Cooper.

"Uh.. No. No I went to high school in Colorado." Alex replied quickly. "Huh. I could've sworn you looked like somebody that came to this school." He replied.

"Anyways, you can follow us into the teachers' lounge." Said Principal Cooper as she and Vice-Principal Cooper turned on their heels and went inside as Alex trailed along, struggling with six inch open-toed shoes. She followed them down the vast hallways with students hanging out by their lockers, giving her memories of when she went to high school.

"Hey Alex!" said her best friend Renee as she ran up to Alex's locker.

"Hey Renee what's up?" Asked Alex as she closed her locker and looked at the tall redhead with glasses jumping around in excitement.

"You're not gonna believe what just happened to me!" She responds with a face-splitting grin.

"What happened woman?! Spill the beans or so help me God I will punch you in the fucking tit." Replied Alex as she started jumping around as well.

"Dude! Zachary Fucking Filkins just asked me out on a date tonight!" Renee nearly shouted as she attacked Alex, giving her a bear hug.

"Ms. Rose? Ms. Rose!" Said Vice-Principal Cooper as he snapped his fingers in front of Alex, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"I'm sorry. You were saying?" Asked Alex.

"Go into the Teachers' Lounge and get settled with the other two substitute teachers in the lounge." Said the principal as she opened the door to the lounge and led Alex into in.

"Two other teachers?" Questioned Alex as she walked inside, her big brown eyes widening when she heard a deep voice from behind her.


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