Absolute Contamination by Vicky_nfs

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Absolute Contamination by Vicky_nfs

This story truly is one of a kind. And I mean that because normally I don’t like to read zombie-stories. But, this isn’t like any other zombie story I’ve ever come across before. It has this modern twist about it, because once you’re one of The Contaminated…there is absolutely no turning back.

What I love most about the main character, Keara, is that she is realistic. All the characters are. They fight, they cry, but most importantly of all…they feel. And that emotion is captured beautifully and carefully weaved into the plot. Each of the characters is in depth. And Vicky has really done a great job at showing the tension that would come with scenarios much like these, and placing that into each and every one of her characters. But most importantly of all, they stay in character!

One thing I really noticed about this story is the detail that has been put into it. I found that I got sucked into this world the author created instantly; even the describion of the story hooked me and pulled me in. There’s no doubt about it, this story is one that engrosses its readers, it really is a page turner!

This is the type of story that really gets inside your head; it makes you think. I’ve even found myself having dreams/nightmares about being contaminated, or having the contaminated coming after me. Now that’s what you call a true horror story! This is certainly one of those books that stick with you.

Truthfully, I’d recommend this story to anyone. No matter what their favourite genre is, because this story is one of those rare-finds that everyone can pick up and enjoy.

Rated 10 out of 10!

Great job, Vicky! Never stop writing, you’re far too talented!

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Reviewed by Emma Lowe.  

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