Chapter 11❤️

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Since last-night situation nadia didn't have the strength to go into the house , when she pulled up to her brother house she started breaking down again .. she felt like she lost everything again even though she tried to stop the situation..she felt like she was in the dark once again.

Mylo came outside and pulled nadia out the car and took her in the house took her in her bedroom and layed her down and covered her up.

He felt guilty to the situation cause he shouldn't said anything.. he just want better for his sister if only she knew.

Next Morning
Ari and the girls knocked on mylo door to bring Nadia all her gifts.

Mylo opened the door "Wassam??" He raised his eyebrows

"Um can you let us in ? We have nadia gifts." Nae looked at his head peaking out the door.

Mylo exhaled and opened the door , side eyeing ari. He didn't want her here at all.

"Um where is nadia?" Shay looked around because she never been here.

"Nigga the guest room , pretty sure yall wouldn't brought her gifts here if she wasn't here." He went and slammed his bedroom door.

"Rudeeee." Shay dragged going to the guest room.

They opened the door to nadias room and looked at her sleeping peacefully.

"Awww i feel so bad for my bestie." Nae sat on her bed.

"They ruined her shit literally.." She shook her head

Nadia jumped hearing they voices making the rest of them jump.

"Y'all scared the fuck outta me! How yall get in here man?" Nadia rubbed her head

"Your brother. Shit the way you stormed out that party we had to come see you." Ari crossed her arms.

"Thank y'all but I'm fine." Nadia got up going to her bathroom to wash her and brush her teeth.

"So what happened? What he say?" Mymy raised her eyebrows.

"He need time to think about this situation , basically breaking up with me." Nadia shook her head brushing her teeth spitting the toothpaste out.

Shay mean mugged me "Girl what?? And wait when you was gonna tell us he kissed you? Cause he was just talking to me lastnight."

"Yop i seen that too , I'm glad my cousin beat his ass." Mymy agreed.

Nadia shrugged her shoulders wiping her mouth off "Soon but it wasn't that serious to get out cause i pushed reem off me."

The girls shook they head.

"We going out today you ain't finna be moping again , so take yo shower and come on we'll be outside , oh and your gifts on the table." Nae walked out following the rest of the girls.

Nadia took a deep breath and turnt her music on and got in the shower took her a minute cause she wanted to clear her mind.

Baby, the sound of you
Better than a harmony
I want you off my mind
And on me
Holding me closer than we've ever been before
This ain't a dream
You're here with me
Boy, it don't get no better than you
For you, I wanna take my time
All night
I wanna love you in every kind of way
I wanna please you, no matter how long it takes
If the world should end tomorrow and we only have today
I'm gonna love you in every kind of way, way..

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