Chapter 6: Returning the Favor

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So Daehyun finally got the guts to ask out Hyuna, huh? I wanted to feel happy for them but jealousy is a very overpowering emotion. After a few minutes, Hyuna said she wanted to introduce Daehyun to some of her friends.

"Wait, Jieun is it ok if we go? Did you come here by yourself?" Aw how sweet. Daehyun still wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to be alone.

"Yeah it's totally fine, just go. I spotted some of my friends over there," I pointed to a random corner of the room, "So I'll see you guys later." I walked around the party a bit and saw Yongguk leaning against a wall and he was surrounded by the girls from Nayeon's class. They were all touchy-feely and Yongguk looked like he was enjoying himself and the attention.

Well I wanted to enjoy myself too. It was rare that I was actually let out of the house. Nayeon found me by myself and she told me to stick with her. The party was actually really fun, there was music, dancing, and even party games. I didn't know that high school parties still had pinatas-or maybe Nayeon was the only one to bring it back.

Nayeon blind folded me first and handed me the bat to hit the pinata. People were yelling at me to swing left or right or to go higher and I couldn't help but laugh at myself because I was doing such a bad job.

"Someone help her," I heard Nayeon say. In a few second, I felt someone put their arms around me and helped me swing the bat. The person was taller than me, so I knew it was a guy since all of the girls in my year were basically the same height. My body felt a little nervous knowing that this guy had his arms around me and I couldn't even see who he was.

Finally everyone was cheering and I heard things fall to the ground. I removed the blindfold off with one hand and saw that I actually hit the thing.

"Wow, you couldn't have done that without my help."

"Zelo?" I turned around and saw Zelo looking down at me. His arms were still unnecessarily around my waist, but before I could tell him that he could let me go now, someone else was already saying it.

"Hey, why are you touching her?" Yongguk came out of the crowd and pulled me out of Zelo's grasp.

"He wasn't doing anything, Yongguk," I spoke out and Zelo laughed, "He's whipped, I knew it."

"I told everyone that she was off limits remem--"

"Yongguk why did you leave us?" A girl with blonde-dyed ends whined.

"We still want to talk to you~" Another girl said, and they were now both pulling Yongguk back inside the house-against his will I might add.

"Girls are always going after Yongguk. I wonder why he's settling for you," Zelo said, watching Yongguk be dragged away.

"Settling?" I repeated, a tad offened. "I didn't know he was popular with girls. He's not that attractive."

"Well what do you think is attractive?"

"Hmm," My eyes wandered as I thought of my answer. My stare landed on Daehyun who was still with Hyuna. He was feeding her cake and they just looked so cute together, I wanted to throw up. "I like guys who are cute...but not in the shallow way, I mean that their personality has to be cute too, innocent. Someone who's nice to their classmates and their parents and tries hard in school..."

"So you like boring guys?" Zelo snickered.

"I don't think they're boring. Those are the kind of guys that I like."

"Yup," Zelo nodded, "I keep telling Yongguk that he'll never has a chance with you."

I spent the rest of the night just talking to Zelo. I couldn't find Nayeon and he said he couldn't find Himchan, Jongup, and Youngjae.

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