Chapter 6 Revelation

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Chapter 6 : Revelation

Mia's pov

Its almost  9pm when Shilo fell asleep. The grey eyed guy, I think Lucian was his name played along with the charade very well. I couldn't thank him enough since Shilo was very happy and said that this was the best birthday he have ever had.
I know I shouldn't gave him an angry look but I dont want him to say anything that will make things worst. Im really going to burst any minute. I just cant believed what happened.
And what's more is that Adrian knew something and I have a feeling thats this won't go well.

I felt Lucian move from where he's at. Then I heard the door opened and closed afterwards.

He didn't even bothered informing me..

...Well for sure he's also feeling confused as I am..

I  kissed my son in the forehead and stood up. My heart constricted when I gave him a final look. Happiness is still evident on his handsome face

Is this how much he wants to meet his father?

Conscience creeped into my heart. Its like a big hand gripping my heart. Painfully.

Am I too selfish that I did'nt think this through? That one day he'll demand for a father this much?

I tiptoed and walk to the door.  I carefully turn the knob and exited from the room.

"Hey Mia!" Carlie whispered but still startled me.

"Dammit Carlie!'"  Blurted out. I looked back in the room too see if Shilo was awaken by my voice. I sighed in relief when he is still peacefully sleeping. I close the door and  glance back at Carlie.

"Seriously Mia you have to stop  the caffeine intake. Its making you a nervous wreck." Carlie joked. If this is a normal day  I would probably laughed out loud but then no smile formed in my lips no matter how hard I want to. Carlie tapped my back and looked at me intently. 

"Everything will be alright ok."  He assured me. I tried my best to form a forceful smile.

"And besides... your lucky you know!" He put his indes finger in his temple as if thinking hard. I frowned at him.

" If ever that hunk will fall for you and will become Shilo's dad. Omg! you'll be envied by all the gals and gays out there!"  He Exclaimed. I eyed him.

" Carlie! Say those words again and I will never regret to bury you alive!" I threatened.

"You know what your such a prude. Someday you'll eat your words"  Carlie said the pouted.

"Keep going" I continued while keeping a threatening look.

He rolled his eyes and stick his tongue out and  turn his back on me towards the stairs.

I shook my head and wailed in frustration at the sight of my friends retreating figure.

Lucian's Pov

I marched down to the stairs and went to the garden area of the condominium where we agreed to talk to Adrian regarding this incident. I've seen my friend immediately. He's comfortably sitting on one of the wooden chairs. 

"What the hell is going on here Adrian? Does this has to do with what you've asked me before?" I asked loudly for him to hear and to be aware of my presence. He looked at my direction and I've noticed that he sighed.

"I'm sorry that I got you into this. Luc. Its all my fault." He replied remorsefully. He then breath out forcefully as if gaining some courage "And to answer your question, yes Luc it has something to do with that. " He replied calculatedly.

I was perplexed for a moment.  I cant think of what will I retort  with what he deliberately confessed just now. And he is just looking at me intently as if waiting patiently for my response. Like the issue that we have right now is just a normal one and is easy to mend!

"And yes, he is your son. If that's your next question." He added up calmly when I didnt replied immediatley.

As much as I want to punch his calm face right now  senselessly so he could have a different emotion on his face rather than  just a placid one, I decided to halt the raging fury inside me and try to think rationally. Because nothing will change the fact that I already have a son. An unknown son of mine till now.

The fuck! I already have a 5 year old son!

I kept repeating that to my mind thinking that it may help the information sink in to it faster.

I was about to ask him again when Mia and her gay friend appeared.  I looked at her intently.

Her mysterious eyes were fiery  like she was set to kill..

Wait till you hear the  big news... Woman

Mia's Pov

As we made our way to the garden.  Adrian and his friend were quiet. From the looks on their faces Adrian seems already confessed everything to his friend. I am trying to tone down the  bubbling anger in me and I know I'm failing myself.

"What the hell just happened there Adrian?!?" I blurted out as my foot set in to the garden soil not minding if there are other people around

He looked at me ruefully.  I know from that look that something really wrong is about to expose.

"Mia Im sorr--

"I dont need your apology Adrian! I need a clear and straight answer from you! I snapped. I hate being rude to him. He is a very good friend of mine and I cant thank him enough for helping me to have Shilo. He looks as if trying to cogitate on how to explain the happening a while ago.

"I am your son's  father."

Suddenly the guy with the frosty gray eyes stated calmly. My eyes shot at him and Carlie gape at him.

What the hell this guy is talking about!


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