Chapter 11

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The next day the girls decided to do a little sparing. Just to keep up with their practice and have a little fun. They were planning on raiding a few storage rooms tonight. This time without their cousin's help. So after they had their lunch, they went down to the basement where training takes place. At first it was just them, throwing a few punches and kicks, warming themselves up for when they do start taking things seriously. Some of the guards that were walking around stopped to witness their fighting. They didn't know that the girls were just warming themselves up so they called the others to look at the 'amateurs'.

With them calling a few ended up with almost all the off duty guards to be hanging around the doors watching the sisters and silently laughing at their unskilled moves. Lily and Henry who heard about their fight also came down to watch but they were also listening to the men's view of their fight.

Lily smiled, then walked up to the sisters. Henry, who stayed where he stood looked at his sister and shook his head. He knew what she was going to do.

The guards watched Lily as she whispered to the sisters wondering what she was saying. Some, those who knew the was Lily's mind worked, knew and was ready for a chance to fight and show these girls how it's done, while the others just wanted Lily to get out the way so they could continue watching.

"Okay then." Lily said as she turned to face the men, "You guys think you can do better than them? Then prove it. We're going to have three rounds. Pick three of your best fighters that have no problems hitting a woman and come join us center ground."

And so the men did, calling out Gunner, Knox and Slade. They walked to the center of the gym standing opposite the girls, eyeing them and smirking.

"Choose your opponents." Lily said.

"How about you choose the opponents for us since it was your idea and you're refereeing." Rina advised.

"Okay," Lily nodded then turned to the audience, "Most of you knows how this works. You write your name, the person you're betting on and the amount you're betting on them on a piece of paper. My dear brother, Henry, will be walking around with a bowl and a bag. You put the paper in the bowl and the money in the bag. Do make sure that the price you wrote and what you place in the bag is the same. If it doesn't add up no one gets anything." She smiled politely, "First round...Adreana and Knox. Place your wagers. Wager done, everyone ready. Fight!"

Knox brought up his fists and started bouncing from feet to feet. Reana arched a brow as she watched him then she looked at Rina who was trying her hardest to hold back her laugh.

Knox used her distraction to his advantage and threw a punch at her face. But Reana saw it coming and threw herself back into a back flip the toes of her feet grazing Knox's chin and he too jumped back.

He passed his hand over his chin and smiled as he felt the burn, "You're going down girlie."

"I eventually will," Reana walked towards him smiling, when she was not too far away from him she raised her own fists. "But not today." Then she threw a punch aimed for his face. He saw it coming and raised his fists to cover his face. Reana's right fist landed on his but her left was digging into his chest.

He looked up, shocked by the move. Not everyone knew about it. He did but he didn't think that she would know that too. They were amateurs after all.

He collapsed, from both shock and the new pressure that was applied to his lungs. The audience was silent as well as they watched the new development.

"Well that didn't take long, how disappointing." Lily said as she looked down at the unconscious man before waving her brother over to move his body. "Okay then, under the request of Slade, he and his opponent, Karina, will be fighting with weapons. Specifically, blades."

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