He said two words: "You're mine." #9

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Zane had fallen asleep soon after, and I intended to do the same.

But his hands...Brian's hands...

They kept me awake. He kept me awake. I fluttered in and out of sleep, waking up in fits of panic. Luckily Zane slept through it, probably because I had drained some of his energy last night in order to fight off Brian and find his phone.

I rolled over so that we were facing each other - him still asleep.

"Sorry," I whispered, brushing his hair out of his eyes. I knew I needed to apologise to him face-to-face for having stolen his energy that he needed to use against Brian.

Daylight seeped into the corners of the blinds, so I tossed my side of the quilt up and got out of bed. Heading downstairs, I entered the kitchen and saw the supermarket bags of food laid on the table.

My stomach lurched as I raided through the contents, shoving enough calories in me in case I didn't get another chance to refuel.

A voice behind me jolted me from my spot at the table.

Brian stood there. Chain-free. Cageless. Why hadn't he been punished? His dad was still alpha, not this loaf of -

"And to think you could have had this," he said, taunting me with his toned torso. His ruffled hair and dimpled lines on his face showed he had only just woken up. He stalked over to the fridge and pulled out some meat.

I couldn't think of a response, just sat there and carried on eating.

"So what do you think of the new plans, then?"

I didn't respond again, knowing better than to give him ammo. For the rest of my days here, he was dead to me.

"Well, it's true that it'll have to be you and Zane. Hope you're okay with that."

A bit of bread got lodged in my throat as Henricks words replayed in my mind.

I scraped the chair back and stood. "What did he mean?" I said in a cold tone.

"Ah, she's alive!" He pulled back and raised his hands to the sky and laughed, tormenting me further. "Looks like you're gonna need a lot of training."

Was he talking about my lack of defense last night? How could an alpha-to-be be so desperate as to mark me? "You're weak," I said, knowing any antonynm for strong would rattle his pram. Plus it was the truth, the violating bastard.

Instead he remained gaurded, cool. "Yeah?"

"Yeah, like your precious alpha title. It must be hard for you to have no mate." Stab, stab, stab; he just reflected the blow.

"Well, at least I'm not the one with that had 'ten days' increased to indefinitely, courteous of me, might I add."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, my human sister-in-law, that you can never leave now." He slapped the meat onto a plate and fished out a knife. With it gleaming there, I didn't feel safe. "Hope my brother was worth it, love."

I ran upstairs, away from Brian and his disgusting grin. With no remorse shown from him, I thought about the ways being alpha could put him to shame. But I didn't want that title anymore than Zane wanted it. What did a human - or three day ago human - know about packs? With less than a month to go, would Henrick sign me up to werewolf 101?