signs morning routine for school/work

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sings morning routine for school/work

aries: gets up at 6:30, goes for a jog, eats a big breakfast, gets dressed, arrives on time/slightly early

taurus: wakes up at 7:00, stretches, texts friends, chooses outfit, arrives early but realizes they forgot something

gemini: wakes up at 7:30, goes on the internet for half an hour, then quickly rushes to get dressed + eat breakfast, arrives just on time/slightly late

cancer: gets up at 7:00 but wastes time, takes time eating breakfast, then rushes to school/work and barely makes it on time

leo: wakes up at 7:30, spends half an hour on phone, spends another half an hour doing hair and makeup, arrives just on time, but sometimes early or late

virgo: wakes up at 7:00, finishes up any homework, eats breakfast, gets dressed, arrives early

libra: wakes up at 6:30, spends a long time choosing an outfit, then a long time perfecting their hair and makeup, but still arrives on time

scorpio: rolls out of bed at 8:00, goes on phone/reads a book, spends twenty minutes getting dressed, arrives on time

sagittarius: wakes up at 7:15, washes face, gets dressed, does hair, gets to school very early for sports team/club

capricorn: wakes up at 7:45, quickly does some last minute studying/homework they forgot, and gets to school on time

aquarius: sets alarm for 7:00, but wakes up at 7:45, then slowly gets dressed and packs backpack and arrives late

pisces: wakes up at 7:00 but goes back to sleep for half an hour, eats breakfast, quickly gets dressed, arrives early

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